The last one for 2017.


This is going to be the last post of the year.  We are off for three weeks on Friday.  IO am so looking forward to it.

This year has been an emotional rollercoaster and a year when I learned a few things:

  1. I am a good mother.  No headmistress, psychologist or teacher will ever again make me think I am any less than a good mother.  All a child needs is love.
  2. I am a good teacher.  I can find the way to make someone understand something.
  3. I am a not so good wife.  I have taken my husband for granted.  He is not just a supporting role in my story, he is my story.  This break is for reconnecting and reminding us both that I need to be nicer to him. He is my love.
  4. Changing jobs was one of the best things I have ever done this year.  I feel so much better.
  5. I am all about justice and doing the right thing…I need to remember that deciding what that is, is not my sole responsibility or right.
  6. I can do more than I think can and believing goes a long way to getting things done.
  7. I am a generally good person, but sometimes I am not….those sometimes need to be worked upon.
  8. I have lived away from my parents house for eleven years, but I still miss them terribly.
  9. Kindness is the best way to carry yourself.

Thank you ladies for all the support and kind words.


It was too long to reply in a comment…



I wrote that post about offering lifts…and the reply was too long…..

I know things are terrible in terms of scams and crime in our country. But sometimes there is that person that tugs at your heart and you feel like you are supposed to help.
I used to often give people lifts and I stopped when HB came along, because as many have said, safety first. I have a family to think of.

But that day, if I was able to safely stop, I would have. I just felt, that this was just a mother struggling through the rain. Of course I know nothing, it never crossed my mind she and the child would do anything bad to me. Even when I wrote the post, it never crossed my mind about crime and scams, until the comments. Hubby often tells me I am far too naive about some things, which he finds strange in a woman who is so sure about just about everything.

I feel very sad about that lady and that is where the post came from. Hubby did not understand why helping her would cross my mind, and I could not understand where he was coming from. I think it is just one of those situations you have to be in and make the judgement call that your heart is at peace with. Driving on, was not the right thing for my heart, because I feel I could have found a place to stop, or other people would have been ok if I stopped in the road for a few minutes. It bothers me.

I do understand the argument for a dangerous situation, but I do judge myself as having made the wrong choice in that situation.

I should have helped her…here was me driving along in my brand new car, happy that it has a high ground clearance and the puddles where no problem, and there was the two walking without even the benefit of a second umbrella.

I am not here to judge anyone about anything…I often write posts that are to help me resolve something going on with me.