Catching up.


It has been a while…but that seems the norm these days.  I have been in the new job almost a whole month and I think it is going fine.  The office is way way way more relaxed than the previous office.  I have had two deadlines in the time I have been there, and even with work under pressure, it was still relaxed.  Deadlines must be met, but neither are they the end of the world.

I still gets loads of calls from the old office and after the end of March, I am going to have to cut them loose.  My friends from there are waiting for a dinner date so we can all catch up.

The new office also gave us all Monday off…had nothing to do with leave.  I think getting into the relationships may take a while, because everyone in that office has worked there forever.  I think that is a good sign, that people stay there.  The old office had a very high staff turnover.

Hubby has had some compliments about the way he is managing his new position.  I think it makes him feel relaxed knowing that he is making a difficult position work.

Honeybear and I spent some good quality time together these last four days.  I think we both needed it.  I have been working so hard on my private work.  I try to work only when he is asleep, but it is not always possible.  I also need to spend time with Hubby.

Things with Hubby is another post.  I love him so much, and he is one of the most caring souls, and I am so lucky to have him choose me.

Reading problem.


I am going nuts I think.  I just cannot stop reading and reading and reading and it is taking over everything.  I have a reading problem.

I was reading Marcia’s blog  about the number of books read in a year and I read a lot.  I only realised it when I commented there.  And this weekend I remembered….

I read and read and lose myself in books when I am troubled.  Last year was a year of turmoil for me, in terms of work and getting used to big school with Honeybear.  Hubby and I seemed to to disconnect for bit too.  Living past each other, with all this stuff going on in our lives.

I am still reading like a crazy woman, and I do feel troubled.  Hubby is working longer hours with his new position and sometimes it is a whole twenty four hours before all three of us connect.  We connect among the routine of our lives, getting ready for work, school, laundry, cricket games…which is not much of a connection.  I am pretty busy working my day job and then my private work and then the PTA, and body corporate…and being a Mom.  I am so excited about HB learning to read, that I have to spend every afternoon with him, making sure he does not fall behind.  Hubby and I are back to stolen kisses and promises to sit down together.  Hubby works one weekend, I work the other weekend…and so it goes.

This all came to me as I sat in a dingy hot office on Friday morning with my latest student. The lady I was trying to sweet talk into helping started dishing out relationship advice to my student and myself.  She divorced her husband after 24 years.  You would think that after 24 years you have it sorted…you must never take things for granted.

She said that they divorced because they never made time for each  other anymore and that she did not understand his love language, and vice versa.  (we were there for 35 minutes, but that is the essence). This has had me thinking, in my weekend frenzy of reading.  Hubby and I need to take a time out.  We need to be with each other again.  I am not sure how I will make this happen. I am going to suck up my pride and I ask my long time friend if she is willing to have three kids for an afternoon, and maybe hubby and I can have an old-fashioned date.

I read because it helps me resolve things, and it helps me escape and it helps me breathe…escapism.



Changes again.


Here I am, working out my notice period.  The opportunity came along, I said yes and  have a new job waiting.  The work hours are better, the salary is better and he understands mothers have life outside the office.  That was the biggest selling point for us.

Honeybear is loving school and I love that.  They have started learning phonics and I am looking forward to him reading.  His swimming lessons are worrying because he has regressed so far with the new teacher.  I have tried talking to the teacher, but she is being evasive. I have given her one more chance to be open about the lessons and then I will take it to the principal.  If I spoke to any other teacher about HB, I could have an open conversation with a teacher who understands my concerns and knows how to deal with nutty parents like myself.  The swim teacher seems to forget she is not running a kingdom, but a school for children with parents.

Hubby is also in a new position, which is an opportunity for him to prove himself.  Changes all around us, and I look forward to it.  He is managing his challenge, because it is a challenging position, and I think he will grow a lot here, even if the hours suck.

My house that I am working on privately is going well, and I look forward to the finished product.  I don’t particularly like doing houses, but it is extra money and easy enough to do.  The clients are lovely and they have this little cute toddler and I want to see them love their new house.

I love reading all your blogs, please write more.


The second day of school.

This morning was my first school drop off for the year.  I did not do the first day of school.  I knew I would cry.  Honeybear would think his mother is crazy, and I did not want to upset him by crying.  There is just something about first days that get to me.  So hubby did the drop-off yesterday and snapped some pictures for me of my smiling baby.

This morning I dropped him off without any trouble.  I am out of practice.  It was such a rush!

I was up early, doing my usual thing.  Then I decide to laundry, water the plants (with the recycled laundry water).  Then I find Honeybear’s lunch bag had not been emptied the night before so I had to wash juice bottles and boxes.  Quickly throw together the lunch and get us out the door (while tracking down the errant kitten).

We get in the car, for me to see Honeybear is holding his hand…something not right.  I find out the cat scratched him.  I then have to get him back out his seat, into the house…clean up the scratches, antihistamine cream and plasters (thankfully I still had Pluto plasters floating at the top of the box).  All that meant I was ten minutes late.  THE TRAFFIC!!!!

There was just about no parking inside the school, getting back out was a nightmare, and then there was a traffic incident (with about 5 tow trucks blocking three lanes).  I managed to make it to the office just after eight (so I was late which is a big deal here).

Monday is my turn again and I will be sure to be better organised.

There is the one Mom who is super well put together.  Perfect sexy body, clothes and three gorgeous kids.  She drops them off wearing her stilettos too.  This morning there she was, in the parking lot, trying to get her 5 year old to co-operate, put on his shoes and walk to class.  Then she gets him going, to find she is missing a lunch bag.  I felt for her, because hers looked much worse than my one five year old who needed plasters.  Even the best mommies have crazy mornings.  I am so glad I only have to do it every second morning.

I am sure it will be less crazy next week. All the schools would have settled down. 


Honeybear has a new pet…a kitten.  Thankfully kittens are easy to toilet train, now for our existing cat to accept it into the household. Currently it seems to hate that cute little kitten.

Honeybear starts Grade R this year and I look forward to him being able to read himself.  A whole world opened for me, when I was able to read to myself.  He loves books and loves being read to. Yesterday Hubby and I spent hours organising Honeybear’s room.  We secretly moved out the toys that are broken and those we decided to give away.

We stopped by the plastic store,  closed our eyes and just bought the clear plastic storage boxes.  They are the best way to keep his things organised.  The clear boxes mean you can see into it, without looking through all of them.  I have concluded this child of mine has far too many books, toys and puzzles, etc. for one child.  We need to stop buying.  Also, a rule of in means out must apply.
I love those plastic storage boxes so much, I am going to get some for my sewing and craft things as well.  I have to go through my sewing and craft things.  They are all over the place, since we decided to lose the one storage cupboard to make more space. ( I just need to have less).
Even hubby sees that when things are organised we all feel much better.  I know that he did not understand when I say that things are all over the place, and it disturbs my peace.  Honeybear’s room is now a pleasant place to be. There are no dangerous pieces of Lego waiting for barefeet.
Onward to school this week…tomorrow is the parents meeting and hopefully we are geared to meet it all.