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The weekend.


This weekend was lovely.  It was busy busy busy on Saturday morning….getting cars serviced, library stops, shopping and all the admin of our lives. But it was fine.  We were together.

Also on the cards was getting a new set of worksheets done for HB.  Lol, the guy at the printing store even asked if I was a teacher.  I am determined to help my child if I can.
I have been working on being gentle with my baby, because he is my baby. The worksheets are great, because for the days I do not have the patience to be nice, he can quietly do a worksheet. The nice thing is that they are like games, not worksheets.
Sunday we enjoyed a lazy lunch/afternoon at one of local dams.  The picnic was lovely, and we really had to drag HB home. He is such a nature child.  He loves being outside and it is a pity we do not do it more often.
Honeybear loves the library and I still need to get him to understand that there is a limit on the number of books we are allowed to take out.  I am so happy he loves the library as much as I do.  I have, unfortunately, finished my two library books over the weekend.
Honeybear needs more confidence.  I am trying to help him.  He often will not try something because he is too afraid to get it wrong.  Telling him is OK to make mistakes does not work.  I try to push him a little so he can see that he can do it too.
I get him to read words after we have a read a book.  This way he can see that he can do it too.  I have also taken to leaving him alone with his work, so that he has to try it alone. It feels like that whole “let your child cry it out” sleep training. I tried the cry it out once, Hubby and I were so traumatised, we never tried it again. We try to let HB lead the way.  I tell myself it is a development thing, just like learning to walk.  You can help and guide, but you cannot force.
He is back in his own room again.  For how long, I do not know.  He keeps ending up back in our bed, and to be honest, I prefer him in our bed.  I worry less.  Hubby has accepted that I will walk between our rooms during the night, because I am nuts like that.
Honeybear is getting better with the reading thing…whether this is translating to the classroom, I try not to worry about.  We have already made that decision to let the process of the psychologist take its course and time. I am concerned with keeping my child nurtured.
Telkom is driving me nuts, but they it periodically, so nothing new there. Overcharges on our account, I am not prepared to pay.  Apparently I signed up for a new contract…they must produce this contract, because I certainly have not.
Back to work.

Oats and tea


I have been reading quite a bit about this whole overnight soaked oats thing and decided to give the peanut butter one a try.  Nothing can go wrong with peanut butter, I love the stuff. Added the oats, milk, yoghurt and peanut butter….it was OK.  I was disappointed because I was expecting creamy yumminess and ended up with icky oat soup.

I understand it was my fault, and perhaps I should try again  with less liquid.  Please no one say chia seeds.  If you read the internet, you cannot make overnight oats without chia seeds.  It is like the miracle ingredient. I am not buying chia seeds, because I do not want to.
This morning I cooked my oats in the microwave, left it to cool and them added the frozen berries and yoghurt and the creamy yumminess I was expecting was there.  It was cold and fruity and lovely.  I think I am going to stick with my cooked version.  It is getting to winter and hot oats will probably be better.
Note, I used to hate oats, I would gag just at the smell.  I would never touch the stuff.  However, I have grown to have a peaceful relationship with oats.  I cannot, in good conscience, make Honeybear eat oats every morning if I refuse to touch the stuff myself.
I am hoping the oats will also work its miracles on me and drop my cholesterol a bit.  I seem to have genetically  predisposed high cholesterol.  Not dangerously high at this stage, but on its way there. All of my Dad’s side of the family have heart disease, every single one of them.  Looks like I may be joining the crowd.
On the oats, I also cannot eat it without something sweet.  Without the sweetness I struggle to get it down.  So I always end up adding fruit to make it nice.
On a  good note, I have managed to cut sugar completely out my tea (and other beverages).  It has been eight months.  Tea has always been my thing.  I love it.  If I am stressed, it makes me happy.  If I need to relax, I drink tea.  If something is wrong, I drink tea.  However, without the sugar I have been struggling, as I do not like it.  Eight months later, I have managed to like it again. I will not lie and say I love it, because I still miss the sugar, but I can like it and relax again.
Also, I now drink more rooibos than I used to.  Maybe because rooibos is better without milk and sugar in the first place.  But I think it is also, because rooibos is nothing like my normal tea and I can drink it without unhappy memories.
Yes I know I am a bit nuts.  Tea…..I love you.


The last few weeks….and I cannot wait for them to be over.  I remember how hard I worked this time last year.  It was the heatwave, and I had five weeks, every day of solid site inspections. It was tough, but I did it.
This year is equally as tough, not physically, but emotionally.  The bosses seem to have gone slightly mad this year, and it seems to be worsening as we get closer to the end of the year.  This year has taught me a lot about the kind of person that I am.  I am not good at dealing with the emotional nature of other people.  I am happier when everyone is on even keel, without their emotions spilling all over the place.  I just do not want to know about it.
Makes me insensitive?  My emotions are always on a tight rein.  I generally save my spilling out when I am in private, or with hubby.  He is the only one, actually.  Even he does not see it all….I tend to keep it to myself….and this is why all the emotional stress that spills out in the office is making me so uncomfortable.
I just feel that this is an office environment, and that we need to deal with this stuff outside the office, not over and onto everyone else. It feels like a volcano has erupted all over us and we have to grin and bear it while we are being covered with ash, lava and falling rock.
Well, it is learning experience, and I hope that I discover some tools to help me deal with it.
I had a chat with Honeybear’s teacher yesterday morning about his progress, and she was very confident that he is managing fine and there is no need to keep him back a year.  She said that after the shaky start to the year, he has found his spot and is able to keep up and has achieved the milestones required of him.  She also complimented hubby and I on the home tutoring.  She says it is evident in his class work, that we have been working with him at home (it is good to know we are all managing to get it right).
On a sad note for my little one…his bestie is leaving the school.  The teacher wanted to mention it to me because she said the two are so attached, he is sure to miss her.  He is very protective over this girl, the teacher said to us.  I was never one for besties, so it was nice to see my little one managing where I had failed.  I am sure he will build other lasting relationships, as the kids will grow together.  They are only five!
Our kitchen revamp is almost done and I cannot wait to go cook something with my new stove.  We have been planning this revamp for a year, and it is lovely to see it finally coming together.
Back to grind stone!

Year end.

I can finally breathe again.  The crazy boss is away on holiday so we only have to deal with the other civilized one. What a huge difference! As they say” like chalk and cheese”

The office is calmer and less frenetic.  Everyone knows what we are doing, without being micromanaged.  Things are getting done and everyone feels positive about life in general.  I feel better knowing it is not me.  I even had a compliment about the quality of my documentation.  Now I can smile and not let it go to my head, because at this age, if my documentation is not up to scratch, I have a huge problem.

Honeybear has found his groove (which he always does by the end of the year).  He can count, write to an extent, dress himself, use the toilet unsupervised ( I love that he can wipe himself without me anymore), recognize some alphabets, is comfortable with people, can swim.
Swimming…he is learning stroke now, and I am amazed how far we have come in the last few months.  He is actually learning different strokes, which I never thought I would see. He has telephone conversations with his grandparents, intelligently.   I think there is a lot to be said for keeping kids back a year until they catch-up age wise.  In hind sight, perhaps we should have kept him back a year…we will have this conversation with his teacher and see if we should.
Hubby is doing great at work and he and I have finally found our groove again.
After Honeybear was born, we just never seemed to have enough time and then we settled, and this year it fell apart when we moved to big school.  However, we are back on track, less in each others hair and more in each others arms.
We have a busy holiday season ahead, with the plan to visit all four grandparents, my extended family and Hubby’s extended family.  It is going to be crazy driving all over between  Pretoria Durban and PE, but we need to do this.  Hubby has lost touch with all his family and I am determined that this needs to end.
The end of the year is in site, and I am excited about having a break, reconnecting with family, organizing Christmas treasure hunts and birthday parties, organizing Santa and just having fun.
I love it!



I am waiting for the end of the year so eagerly.  I cannot wait to be on holiday.  Being in the office every other day at five int he morning is really taking its toll on my body physically.  The vitamins are just not up to these long days anymore.

The bosses are slightly mad, but we have accepted it as part of the office culture.  The latest is that we must do away with paper diaries and notebooks. That will not work for me and I have said that my diary is too personal.  At least I was not the only one feeling this way.  I think they had not thought about the fact that we diarise things that have  nothing to do with the office.

Honeybear is having really full days, with swimming every evening, so the poor child is pretty wiped by bedtime.  We have moved it up a bit and let him sleep as long as possible in the mornings.  How on earth are these little kids supposed to manage all these activities, plus having mom and dad teach them at home.  I can only manage there is more going on, the older they get.  I have even had to stop our jungle gym visits after school.  That little body just needs a rest.

Hubby is the sweet darling he always is.  He has been so supportive of me and the endless cuddles and massages are the best ever. We have been juggling crazy work hours and I really miss not having any kind of support structure other than hubby and I.  At least holiday care is sorted this year.  Honeybear is looking forward to it.  He loves it, which is so different from a  year ago, when he cried in every new situation.

I have been following Marcia’s posts on paying of your bond in five years.  While I think that we are kind of stuck at the moment, it will not be forever.  We manage the little extra every month and it makes a huge difference. With the last three interest rate hikes, we have been safe, in that we had paid off enough extra, that the jump ups were not too serious.

So Hubby and I have the challenge of reducing the grocery budget.  It is working well so far, in that all meals are planned ahead (with crazy work hours, neither one of us cooks during the week, so meal planning has many advantages for us). We are also working out new recipes for ourselves.  The last thing we want is icky budget food no one wants to eat.  Spending on a few good ingredients is far more cost effective, than cheap icky stuff that lies there rotting.  It just kills morale and enthusiasm.

Another unseen advantage of cooking bulk, ahead, is the electricity and water usage.  We have less dishes to do, because there is no cookware to wash up, just the crockery and cutlery we used to eat.  Also, we are just reheating, not heating up the oven or stove from scratch.  Less hot water is being used.  Cooking bulk also means less trips to the store, as there is no need to do a shop during the week, unless it is milk. ( we drink so much milk in our house)

And with all this inspiring “I can do” things going on in our budget, I feel more motivated about losing the weight I want to lose.

We all need to feel inspired all the time.  It helps us get through the rough patches.  Here is to INSPIRATION.