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The goddess.


So it is week three with our new domestic goddess and a goddess she is.  The first week I made a list and had hubby stay late and discuss it with her…she did the list and a whole heap more.  I was blown away.  After that I decided to dispense with the list because this woman does not need to be micromanaged.  She knows what she is doing and she has a plan. I think I almost love her.  It is as if she can read my mind and extrapolate all the things I want done.

She even organised my kitchen drawers…like I would organise it, if I ever had the time or inclination to do it properly.

We have hundreds of books (I am not exaggerating, hubby and I have a mini library, and HB has his own).  She unpacked the books and dusted under them and on them and put them back on IN ORDER!

I always dreamed about doing the books, but it is such a huge task, I never have.

She picks up our stuff around the house and categorises them, and finds one spot for it.  She does the weird things, without me ever having asked.  I have never asked anyone to dust the shelves or clean inside the fridge or scrub out grout lines….but she just did it.

Thinking about this goddess (who I don’t really see, she only sees hubby sometimes), I think she is great at this house work thing, so I actually think she would do brilliantly in a better paying job.  I don’t think she will stay with us for very long, because her future holds better than cleaning my house.  I will miss her, because she is on my wave length and I almost love her.  I asked hubby to stay late today and to tell her that I almost love her.

The result of having her, is that I actually have weekends to do the things I want to do.  HB and I go out for our little picnics and play dates and I sew and crochet. Hubby and I can just be with each other, without cleaning something.

This weekend I am going to organise my sewing things.  The other thing:  When I invite people over, I do not have to rush about picking up and dusting. I can just invite people over and relax.  I am relaxed over the weekends, I am less snappy and resentful.  I don’t have to clean under the couches and scrub out the bathroom.

This lovely woman has changed my life and I wonder if she knows that she has.  Does she know that she should be running her own cleaning company or any company….she has organising skills, she is not just someone who cleans a house.




I am looking forward to the weekend.  It has been busy and hubby has been working the last two weekends.  I have no kiddie playdates organised, just one grownup playdate.

I have more beanies to crochet.  Guys, this project of RM’s is the perfect way to increase your skills.  I made some plain ones, which are really quick and easy and then I started out a stitch I have not tried before.  So this beanie project is brilliant to upskill yourself.  I have learned about the correct way to increase stitches, using a stitch marker has changed my life, I have learned how do that swirling cable beanie.  For me, this is a big wow.
I also have some personal sewing…have to take in the waists of my pants so that I don’t have a big pleat at the top.  It is a good feeling to be smaller, even if I am not totally healthier yet.
I promised HB some new gloves…he asked for plain ones.  My little boy is growing up. His teacher sent an email to me this morning to tell me he is doing really well this term and seems to be flying through the concepts.  It warms my heart to hear such positive comments.
Hubby an I agreed this morning that we are only saying good things and no little snappies (because we have started to be a tad cranky with each other….it comes from not seeing each other enough).
I also get to go enjoy some good traditional food with a cousin…I have not seen her in a long time.
I had a call from a friend I have not spoken to for a while and she had such good news to share.  It was good that when she wanted to share something brilliant, she gave me a call.
It is cold and sunny and I feel happy today…so many good things to be happy about.

Good things.

We had a brilliant parent teacher interview this week.  His teacher had only good things to say about HB.  It was such a lovely change from last year, where I did not even want to go to these things. I am so glad we did move him to the next grade, because HB had flown through the first term, he did not even need the “time to settle” he normally needs.  The school educational psychologist also met with us and said she feels that he needs no more intervention from her, he is settled and she is not worried about him not managing things by himself.
Hubby is back to normal scheduling so at least I am getting his full support again…which I need to get used to.  Yesterday he was reading with HB and I had to hold myself back from stepping and telling him what to do, because I have become used to the autonomy of me.  I did not manage to avoid getting miffed about my afternoon/ evening scheduling.  I get so snippy, it is not great…I need to let it go…because hubby is allowed to have his way too.
On the scheduling thing, I think we have got the hang of it.  A timetable was all we needed.  We wrote up the timetable, stuck it to our chalkboard and all is well.  No more forgetting library day or which uniform it is today.  We have it up there, including the after school activities and which homework and exercises need to be done.  I must say, I fully recommend a spot in the house where everyone can see what is going on.  We have this in the little passage.  It has a magnetic chalkboard the size of a door screwed onto the wall (we made this ourselves for really cheap).  Here we pin up the notices for the week, the timetable, passwords and logins to the apps we use for HB, photographs and just things we need to do.  It goes down to the floor, so it is accessible to HB too. Guests cannot see it, unless they go to our bedrooms and are really nosy.
Now that HB can read, it works even better.  I did not realise his reading skills were that good.  Hubby has put up a note for himself to remember to buy an easter bunny for HB…HB read the note and I had questions this morning.
We moved our Easter egg hunt to this weekend so that hubby is also part of the fun.  However, with the deferred hunt, the bunny was eaten already.
Three months into my diet and I seem to have stopped losing weight…a little demotivated about this, but I did already lose a heap and I guess this is pretty normal.  Most people seem to hit a point where they don’t lose weight for a bit and you just have to carry on and it will be fine.  The positives are that my skin and hair are doing great…I tend to have crocodile skin if I do not apply lotion immediately after I step out the shower, and this year I seem to be doing fine.
We are leaving work at 2 today (and hubby hads the day off)….it feels like such a treat.  We decided to go buy the easter bunny and then fetch HB early from school.
We can take him out to the field to go fly his drone (he really wanted one and hubby and I are also enjoying this little toy…I did not know they came with a camera).
On the work front, I have crunched through my list very well and I can leave early in peace.
So off to do the admin side of my job, nothing too crazy for the rests of the day.  Punching, filing and folding.
PS:  I did this way out design for a client and I did not expect much…but I was surprised to find that they will build my proposal as is.  This is big for me because it is a huge commercial project…not even one suggestion about changing a little here or there, which just about never happens.

How I hate thee.


There is this thing called housework and I hate it.  I am not sure how other woman feel about it, but I hate it.

I feel like a waste a large part of my life doing housework.  I have actually taken to writing it up in my diary and striking things off my list.  My husband is not lazy, but housework does not bother him in the same way it bothers me.  I cannot stand to have dishes in the sink or things lying about on the counter.  I need the sheets washed at a minimum of weekly.  I have to clean the stove and oven and fridge and freezer.  I have to move the couches and clean the bathroom and dust window sills.  It bothers me that I cannot reach my windows to wash them.
I don’t like things lying out of place.  This unsettles me and I cannot relax.  If I plan on having guests over, I feel like I need to clean more.  All of this creates stress in my life and I hate housework…because no matter how much I clean and tidy, it is never enough.  Yes, we get domestic help every second week, but it is not enough.  There are things that are beyond the service and they just don’t get it all done and I cannot understand why.  Even with help, I still have to do laundry because their service does not include any laundry.  I still change my own sheets and wash them.  I still clean the fridge and the oven and the stove.  I still have to wash out the draining rack and I still have to wash the bin and the patio floors and move the couches to clean up under them.  Those things never get done and that is what I want done.  I can sweep floors and wash dishes.  I don’t want help with those things.
I want someone to take down the curtains and wash and hang them back up.  I want my light switches cleaned and all canvasses on  the walls dusted. I want  my doors wiped down and the splashback at the stove cleaned.  I want all the weird things cleaned.  I can clean my own bathroom and I do.  I want the skirtings and dado rails cleaned.  I want all my books to be dusted and returned to shelves.  I want the slip covers cleaned.
How do you get a domestic service that does all this?  The current service we use is not working for me.  They asked what I wanted and I said what I wanted, but it does not get done. To make matters worse the last lady went home with our house keys and then I had to call her boss and get it back.  Then we had the expense of changing our locks because we don’t know the lady and she had out keys for 24 hours. Then I come home to find my furniture rearranged my lights on, the vacuum cleaner left outside in the rain and the chores not done.  I was told by her boss that she is excellent.  She may have been having an off day at our place.  Up to now, I am still trying to locate things she stuck into drawers and corners.  I am not sure why she did it, because putting things into drawers was something I specifically asked not to be done.  She hung up the sopping wet cloths against HB’s dry white school uniform.  I was irritated, but I did not complain, I just did not book another service.
How does everyone else live with this.  I do the fifteen minute tidy up, but I cannot seem to keep on the top of it anymore. Maybe I am being obsessive.  I just want a clean house.

Random things about pink and green.


I have never been a girly girl and not for for choosing everything pink.  To my surprise I get into my car and there I have a pink water bottle and a pink coffee coffee flask.  My desk boasts pink hand cream and a pink pen sitting at my keyboard. I am more a lime green girl.  I still am trying to find the perfect lime green electric kettle.

Yippee I thought to myself, no cricket this Saturday only to find myself with a 09h30 appointment and the need for a library run and a birthday party for the whole afternoon. If you are not friendly with the other moms, birthday parties can be a special kind of torture.  At least this mom is my close friend from when I was at varsity and I was organised this time around.  The gift is sorted (no voucher this time).
This year I have decided not to do vouchers.  I always get a book/puzzle and then a Woolies voucher (because they package the voucher so nicely).  I have decided to make a better effort to know the child and get a suitable gift.  So far I have had three good ones and hopefully I will continue to do so.  I also get the toys wrapped at the store (Toy Kingdom uses a pretty lime green paper, and it is not branded).  Then I let the mom know that if they want to take the gift back to the store, I do have the slip.  With electronic gifts (boys love it!) you never know if they are functioning.
I struggled to get a girly gift.  We tend to do the boy parties mostly and with my no voucher rule, I struggled.  Does no one sell pretty girly frilly dresses.  Does no toy shop sell Raggedy Ann type dolls?  Everything is branded with Disney and some movie or the other.  Lurid pink and glitter purple.  I settled for girly pyjamas and shoes…winter approaches in a few months. This was for a little girl.
I decided I need a party budget because having to fit these into my budget randomly is giving me stress.  I like to know upfront what money needs to be accounted for. Also, I need time to find suitable personalised gifts.  It was nice to walk into school and the recipient of one of my gifts ran up to me and told me it was the coolest gift he received.  He loves it. Electronics do that for boys. And I found these little flying gadgets on sale.
Somehow the girls don’t feel the same about electronics.  I am not sure why. You see them fighting their brothers to play with them, but they don’t want to open a gift to find one of their own.
I am also giving myself a playdate break for the the next two weeks.  I did not like playdates when we started, but now that the boys are older, it is better…Mom can have a break for a bit while the boys occupy themselves and better than that…sometimes HB is over at someone else’s place.