Like all the parents out there, I always feel I am not doing what I should be doing.  I do not feel like I am raising my child like I should be. When I sat him the one evening trying to teach him colours, I felt like I should do this more often.  Surely I should spend more time on the education of my child?  Do I leave too much to the day-care? I think I do.

I try. I try to instill good manners and hygiene and I try to let him know how much I love him.  I try to teach him ti say excuse me after a sneeze.  I try to teach him to wash and to clean up after himself.  Is this enough?  I should also teach him colours and shapes and numbers.  I should spend dedicated time teaching him things.

However, I find I just do not have that time every day.  I try to incorporate it into the daily life but on  a weekday there is not much time in the morning.  I am trying to get him to the toilet and I am trying to dress him and myself and get bags ready.  I know I should do bags the night before, but sometimes I am too tired.  Sometimes I just need to sit down with Hubby and have a cup of that fancy chocolate coffee, made in a proper mocha pot instead of the instant coffee we drink all the rest of the time.

I love crafting and sewing, and it is the kind of thing you should be able to do with your toddler.  I do not.  It is too much to deal with paint everywhere and I really do no want to clean up more….I am selfish.  I know he paints at school so is that sufficient.

I need to dedicate time to my toddlers education.  I have a few ideas of things we can do together….after work.  I am going to dedicate a category to activities working  parents can do with their children.  Things that do not make a huge mess but creates loads of fun.

Suggestions are welcome.  It is time to share your secrets.


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  2. There’s so many ideas on Pinterest – you should check it out. I love teaching Jamie to draw these days – we take big chalk and draw on the trampoline or on the garage floor. The rain can wash it off on the trampoline and I’m not much bothered about the garage floor. There are some great educational books too with all the shapes, numbers, and even flash cards – take a look at your CNA. Also got a great activity book from Makro with stickers and little tasks for children to do, like draw patterns, finish drawing certain things that’s halfway drawn, pick what does not fit etc. It was a Pooh Bear book

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