Hello there,

Thank you for the visit.  This is a blog I used to have on Parent 24.  We all grow and change, and we need different things.  Change happened and I decided to move my blog over to good old fashioned WordPress.  While reading you may come across references to things that were familiar on the Parent 24 site.  It is far too much to edit out so I have left it alone.  Just bear with  tired Mama.

I write this blog as a journal, and a place that I can find and offer advice.  I am a huge Miss-know-it-all…so I love to offer advice.  I believe parenting needs all the help it can get, and we need to help each other along.  I write this  in the hope that someone else might read something here that may help them through life as a parent.

I know I read quite a bit and all those other blogs out there help tremendously.  It is good to hear about parenting from real parents with tried and tested methods.

Occasionally I will post crafts.  I love crafting. I do not write tutorials, but I will give a link to where I found the idea.

I keep this blog anonymous so my professional life is not affected by opinions I may express here (you may notice I am highly opinionated).

Enjoy the visit and drop me a comment.  I love hearing from you.