I saw this lovely idea on Sharon’s blog. I know there are many variations of this idea. It is great for the little ones to have some free play and it is very easy for Mom or Dad to clean up. I had an extra-large muffin pan with six cups. In went the shaving foam. I mixed in the Moirs food colouring and we were good to go.

Honeybear loved it. I put him into the bath without water and let him spread the colour all over himself and the bath. He did not try to do the tiles because he is not allowed to stand in the bath.

The colours did not stain the bath or Honeybear’s skin. I just rinsed everything off with a hand shower.

I will do this again. It gives you time to sit down in the bathroom and have a break and you have a happy occupied child.

It is really quick and easy, and fairly inexpensive to do.



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