Now that my littlee is a little bit older, doing stuff in the kitchen is less hair raising and my more comfortable cooking with him.  It is also a great learning experience.  Getting the kids to read the scale, counting out spoons of flour and cups of sugar.

Baking after work mat sound daunting, but you can do it.
I use a premix for cookies.  Golden Cloud used to make a really nice cookie mix, but I cannot find it in the shops anymore.  We tried out the Sasko cookie mix.  It is really very easy.  We also bought a box of chocolate chips.
It mixed up in about ten minutes and is really very unfussy and easy to work with.  I enjoyed the fact that a five year old could shape the mix too and I think it is about ten minutes in the oven, so the whole activity does not take more than an hour.
You can make it into a maths learning activity and reading activity and have snacks at the end of it all.  This premix makes a surprisingly tasty treat and because your little one was involved, they happily eat it.