We needed to make gifts for Father’s Day and the pics I saw of sand cast foot prints looked really great.  Hubby is a sentimental type and I know it would appeal to him.

We already had the sand…I just sifted some sand from the sand-pit.  I bought 1kg of Plaster of Paris.  We mixed the sand with a bit of water and I added oil a a release agent (you do not have to do the oil)

I smoothed the sand, Honeybear stepped in, with some assistance from me.  I smoothed the plaster further and then in went the plaster.

30 minutes later we removed the sand and brushed off the sand.  It turned out really well.  We left it to dry for the rest of the day.

If you wanted to, you could tint the plaster or paint it after.  I like the fossilised look.  Honeybear loved it and he identifies it as something he has made for Papa.  He is happy with his creation.  It is a safe quick craft.  We did it outside on the patio.  It will not take longer than 1 hour to have a finished product.

We used this tutorial

The plaster cast after the initial dusting.

The plaster cast after the initial dusting.

The final product

The final product



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