Would you stop?


Pretoria has been having a large amount of rain.  The ground is pretty soaked and there is a lot of surface run off.  Yesterday I was driving home.  It was terrible.  The visibility was low.  I was driving uphill and the road was like a small river.  Everyone was driving quite slow, trying to get through this terrible rush hour raining traffic.

I eventually got to the flat area and closer to HB’s school…just two more problem intersections to get through.  There is a little spruit that runs under the road.  These flood when it rains. It was not at a dangerous level yesterday afternoon, cars were able to drive through safely. However, there was a lot of moving water in that section of the road. There was bumper to bumper slow moving traffic in both directions of this single lane in each direction road. And walking through the spruit flooded area was a mother with an umbrella with her little girl.  The little girl was almost up to her knees in water. There is no pavement here, just a grass verge normally.
I was on the wrong side going in the opposite direction and I felt it was not safe to stop and try to get their attention.  However, I did not stop either.  I came back down that road to look for them after I fetched HB. I think they had made their way to the petrol station, so I never found them.
What kind of horrible people are we that we just drive past a mother and a child, struggling through the water, in the pouring rain, ans we do not let them into our car.
The traffic was at a snail’s pace and no one on that side of the road would have been put out to stop.  They could have safely stopped without disturbing traffic and just given them a lift to a safer part of the road.
What kind of people are we?



You know you see those Moms who are supermoms.  They are well put together, they are on time, they volunteer for stuff, their kids are always in ironed clothes, perfectly packed lunch.  They are crafty and one of those pinterest moms…and you think…I wish I had it together like that.  Here I am, tired, barely hanging on…hoping no one will notice that I already wore that shirt earlier this week and it was on the wash line and it was not creased so I wore it again.

You know how you feel so inadequate because you do not have time for perfect hair.
I am not a supermom.
I was floored when a Mom asked me: “How do you do it all? You are working full-time and I am a SAHM and I cannot do the stuff you do.”
Another SAHM asked me how do you do it?  Please help me?
Another Mom (working Mom)..also said to me, she has no idea how I get all the stuff done because she cannot do it.
My sisters commented that I make them look bad and their kids want to be my kids.
I said thank you and then thought, I must be really good at faking it.
I can tell you I am faking it, because I am nowhere near being a supermom.
You never know what other people are thinking or what is going on in anyone’s life.  It is probably not as perfect as it looks.

Bullet points.


What I have been doing:

  1. Formatted hubby’s laptop and then the recovery disc did not work.  At least the store easily sorted it out for about R500,00.  I feel bad, but at least there are zero viruses on it now (well there was zero anything after I was done).
  2. I have another private job, yippee! and that means extra money on my car.
  3. Related to the above point, I finally bought a brand new car.  I have never had a brand new car before.  I finally decided that mine had done its bit and it was time. It is exciting for me.
  4. Sold my eighteen year old car, in less than a minute for more than I would have thought.  Dropped it off yesterday, after the money was in and I am happy it was to a dealership, not a private person.
  5. Still trying to get the party pics done.  I have made up the private post and I will email the info this week.
  6. So looking forward to holidays.  I counted the weeks yesterday, just under eight left.
  7. No lunch today…forgot about it, so guess I will have rusks and milo for lunch, maybe peanuts, because that is what I have in my emergency stash.  I have to relook at that stash.
  8. I huge, well hubby says no, but I feel huge and that is because I did stop exercising, there did not seem to be enough hours in the day.
  9. HB is almost done with Grade 0.  New uniform, new campus, new teacher.  Looking forward to it.
  10. Made a few new friends with the school gate Moms.  Even the stay at home ones.  We have visited with each other, had the kids play, eaten together, and looks like we could be good friends. It is possible, I think, if you make an effort to get together, beside the school gate, you can make firmer friendships. I think Marcia called this containers?
  11. Looking forward to December, did I say that one l already.
  12. I have so much work to do, instead I am typing a blog, because I need a break.
  13. Had my eyes tested, fully confirmed it is stable.  On the downside, they are stressed eyes so I do need to take better care at the PC.  Also, bad, the abscess I had in my eye actually did scar.  So I possibly am going to have a few issues later, but on the upside, I could have become blind from the scarring but I am not.
  14. HB is turning into a teenager at six…and it is not going down well in our house.  The backchat leaves me at a loss as to what is the appropriate response. I am speechless in the face of that backchat from a six year old.
  15. How to deal with a six year old teen?  I just send him to his room and we talk about it after.  We take away the screen time, and now we will have to start taking away lego, etc.  Children!
  16. I cannot wait to see my family in December.  Need to get going with their gifts.  I just do the kids.
  17. Hubby does not want not want to see his family.  I did say we should go, do the 12 hour drive and just see them, but he says, no, and he has asked me not to insist anymore.  Last year it was tiring, but OK.  HB only vomited in the car once.
  18. I should really go work now

I just need this post, for me.


I will do the party post, I just need to collate the photos…I promise ladies.  Today I want to talk about something else that has been at the forefront of my mind.

There are all my blog posts about the school and educational psychologists, etc.I have been through it all.  The school said, we listened and then had to make the best decision for our child.  I will not allow anyone else to decide for us.  It is hard to decide and stand strong in the face of a “professional opinion”
We had a long meeting with the school principal, psychologist and teacher.  I aired all my unhappiness and the way in which things have been going and basically it was a meeting for the principal to cover her staff.
Hubby and I were clear that the contrast in the school services and the services we paid for was miles apart, hence we have no faith in their abilities.  We thanked them for bringing HB’s “deficiencies” to our attention. I also made it clear that they were lying about some stuff and I had had enough about this.
HB will progress to the next grade.  We have had him tested, he is receiving support for his “deficiencies.”  He is above average academically and between the private educational psychologist, and as parents, we know he is emotionally ready too.  For the sensitive child we have, keeping him back another year may not be the best thing.  Only you as the parent can know your child holistically.  Only you will understand their intricacies, their sensitivities, the things that make them happy and the things that make them sad and scared.  Do not be overwhelmed by all the professionals out there telling you the type of person your child is and what they think your child needs.  I am not saying ignore and not listen.  You should listen to all the separate pieces of information, but at the end of the day, make a decision you know is best for your child.
We have carefully thought about this.  Any delays related to sensory issues, have not translated to the academics.  He is not missing out on school work because of these apparent sensory issues.  Also, he is receiving therapy for these things, every single day.  The emotional problems cited by the teacher has only happened with the teacher.  Not ever at aftercare, not ever for the month he spent at another school over the holidays, not ever at home or anywhere else, but that teacher’s classroom.  In our opinion, the sooner he is out of there, the better.  I am sure she is an excellent teacher, but she is not the right fit for my child.
We will not be forced by any of them because they tell us their business is children and they know what they are talking about.  They have attached a label to my child and now that they cannot say he is behind academically, they say he has emotional problems.  Not sure what they are, but they are there. I advise, keep notes of every single meeting you ever have.  Write them down, because we as parents become emotional and forget. Just rite it all down.  Write down how you are feeling.
I know holding children back an extra year in Grade 0 works wonders for many children.  I was one of those kids that waited to go to school because of a late birthday.  I flew through school.  It was a breeze.  But socially it was always a problem.  I will not have HB have to do that when it is not entirely necessary. In his case, I do not think it will benefit him.  It is not as if they are going to create a special academic programme for him.  He is already becoming bored with some of the current programme, so what will happen next year when it is all the same thing?  He is just going to end up being a child with behaviour problems. he is going to act up because he is bored.  He is going to be upset when his friends move on.  I know he will get over it eventually, but why put him through it in the first place.
Be strong parents.  You love your child and your decisions come from a place of intense love for these little human beings.  Listen to the educational professional, but stand strong in your love and do the best thing for your child.  Your child is not a statistic, your child is not a number, your child is yours to love and protect.

The pre party post.


The party is almost here.  I have sewn and glued so many things. So what do we have:

All the tablecloths are done and I shall iron them tonight.
Ninja masks done.
The picnic blankets are completed.
Sweetie guessing jar is done.
Photobooth done.
I caved in and made a pinata last night, as hubby actually wanted one.
Hubby is done with the ninja ball toss
The cake layers are baked and will be put together on Friday night. Hubby has been so efficient.
Pizza ordered. Hubby once again.
Pizza labels done (found a great free TMNT font)
Centre pieces are almost done.  Balloons will finish them off on Friday night.
Hubby made all the sweeties and they look brilliant. I am very impressed with his confectionary skills. ( He is a trained confectioner, but works on the management side for the last few years).
HB’s clothes for the day…he wanted a TMNT costume…but I actually did not make it,a s I forgot in the day of the terrible headache.  However, my sister sent him a mask and we bought the turtle shell.  I am opposed to weapons, even as toys, however, Hubby says we should get him the plastic sword.  Not sure about it still.  He does have a costume, but it is a winter type thing and will not work in the high heat we are already having.
Things to do:
Glue my labels onto the party packs.
Clean house…there is play sand and cardboard shavings in the little corners.  This is hubby’s job today as he is home and I love him so much. (the domestic lady abandoned us for a two day a week job so we are on our again).
Get beds ready for my parents who arrive tomorrow morning. I have already done the clean linen.
Cook lunch for Friday, tonight (so my parents have lunch ready while I am at work tomorrow).
Fruit and fresh veggies to be shopped on Friday evening as we cannot really get them any earlier…or maybe tonight…our fridge, shop fridge, should be the same.
Get out all my serving plates.
Balloons and more balloons to be filled and hung in the trees on Saturday morning.
Confirm the jumping castle today. (well it is done, but I need to make sure)
Send out security codes and map pins on Saturday morning.
On the RSVP’s…five people did not bother to reply.  I was expecting more to just forget.  So 5 out of 30 is not bad in my books.  I have made extra party favours, etc for the unexpected. Though no one can get in without a security code.  In Gauteng you need a swipe tag, code or ticket to get in everywhere. It is crazy this world we live in.  We live in a place where you need to get through a boomed guard entry point where your drivers licence and car disc is scanned, and they still take a picture of you and the car. Then another coded gate pad and then  your house door.  It is nuts when I write it out like that.
I will make up a private post with pictures for anyone who is interested to see them.