Playing with Lego is a great activity for children. It is not the kind of activity which requires much preparation.
In Honeybear’s room we have a play mat.
It is great just to throw off your shoes and sit on the mat with your child and make Lego structures. Lego these days is really amazing. They come in so many different shapes and sizes. There is so many things you can do with it. What I love about lego is that you can teach colours, you can teach shapes and you can just have some fun with your child.

I do find that it is quite highly priced. We buy Lego for special occasions like Christmas so that the whole set builds slowly over time. There are cheaper versions of Lego about but I have noticed that they do not have the lifespan of lego. The blocks also do not click into each other easily.

Lego is such an easy and rewarding after school activities it is difficult to say no.


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