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I love love.


I remember the reason I started a blog, way back in the day was because of Valentines day.  I remember reading all these blogs that just hated Valentines day and said how they never celebrate it. I love Valentines day.

I know it is commercialised, but which occasion is not commercialised?  I feel it has to be what you make of it for yourself.  I love the celebration of love.  Surely you are a bit of a Scrooge not to celebrate love?  I don’t restrict myself to romantic love.  As I grew older I felt the need to remember love in all its forms and that needed to be celebrated. Our world definitely needs love.
This year HB said he had a letter for us but we could not see it until today.  He woke early, by himself to get it out and give it to us.  It is a sweet love bug card with a photo inside of him, on the first day of G1.
I cooked our Valentines dinner last night. It just needs to be reheated tonight. It is basically lasagna without the pasta.  I used aubergine instead.  Perhaps it is then eggplant parmigiana?  I subbed the flour carbs in the white sauce by using a puree of cauliflower.  I know I said I would never do these weird things, but pureed cauliflower with fried onions, garlic and nutmeg is surprisingly close to the real thing. It worked.  I have not told hubby about my white sauce, I want him to work it out for himself and it will be a good indication of its authenticity, because hubby always makes the white sauce in our house.
I was going to do cheesecake for dessert, but it did not work out.  I over whipped the cream, and then it separated. It was just not coming together and then it completely separated.  No saving that.  The low carb base tastes amazing though (sunflower seeds, dessicated coconut, dark cocoa, and butter).  I will give it a try again, with a different brand of cream. I can make fridge cheesecake in my sleep, so I am not sure what happened last night.
HB is looking forward to the dinner.  I told him will do the whole candles and flowers thing.  He has chocolate for dessert (because he refuses to eat frozen yoghurt and I don’t want him having the artificial sweetener in the cheesecake base).
HB told me he wants to marry me this morning.  I tried to explain about how I am already married to Papa, but he was having none of that.
We gave chocolates to his teachers and a little posy of frangipani to his class teacher. I am so proud of my frangipani, it is out of my very own tree.
Today I remember and appreciate the love relationships that I have in my life.  I have a full family of husband and child and parents and sisters and nephews and cousins and aunts and uncles.  I have so many people who I can turn to, who will be there if I need them to be.  I have friends I can rely on.  Today is about remembering and appreciating these relationships and giving thanks for a life filled with love.

Why Hate V-Day


Hmmm….why all the hate surrouding Valentine’s Day?  Yes there is the whole commercialism of the day but which special day is not….easter eggs, xmas presents, birthdays…..all of it is commercialised.  This is one of the popular reasons cited for not liking Valentines Day.  Its up to you I say.  How comercialised the day is depends on you.  No one HAS to go  out and buy the fluffy teddies and roses.  You can do no gifts and still enjoy.  People in love don’t turn up their noses at another reason to celebrate and enjoy their love. They look at it and make it their own.  Another reason to write a soppy love letter, to cuddle up together, romantic picnics, holding hands and sweet kisses.  Yes we can and do it everyday but here comes another day specially dedicated to all that soppy stuff. What do you do on your wedding anniversary (or equivalent)?  It’s another excuse to do something special for that one that you love.  Clebrtae Valentines Day in your own way…and if you don’t have a special somebody, that is no reason to diss it.  Be happy for the others who are so blessed and lucky.

That’s my two cents worth.