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I was up early on the cold Saturday morning making pancakes for HB….it was all mommy guilt.  The day before I fetch him from school t o find that he had lost a second pair of shoes in two weeks. I was so angry with him.  I told him he is getting no TV, and this, time, no toys or books either.  He just needs to go to his room and face the wall until bedtime.  I was so angry as that is almost R600 for the two pairs of shoes and socks.

However, I knew I was very angry and I did not want to be shouty crazy mom, so I did let him watch TV, because I needed a timeout for myself.

Sunday found me buying a new pair of shoes for him (at this stage he only has his house boots, which he was wearing out, and his brown school shoes…I had to buy new shoes). He offered for us to sell the WII, but I said it was fine.  We will not sell it (who would buy it anyway), but he will not be allowed to play anymore and no more tuck shop treats on Fridays, in fact no more treats at all.

The no more treats thing is going to be hard because we have a birthday party, and a stage outing planned for this week…and both are going to come with treats.  Also, we need for him to get a vaccination, which usually involves a treat.

But back to the pancakes: he was very hurt by me telling him he would have to look at a wall all evening.  He was even teary up on Saturday when we spoke about it. He did ask for a play date, but I said that he could not have one, due to the shoes.

How do you deal with your child losing their school stuff? I started taking things away, but there is not much more to take.  I am not in the habit of punishing, and what punishment is appropriate?  Also, he is not doing anything  out of the ordinary for his age group, all the kids are losing stuff everyday.  I see it in the class group. His teacher mentioned that he is one of the better ones at remembering, but still, it does get expensive. As to why the stuff does not get returned?…all I can think is that someone else has his clearly marked items and has not returned it. My phone number is on everything…..?


My bullet points.

  • HB and I have started learning Zulu together.  I have decided to take this opportunity to educate myself.  I just need to find people to speak Zulu to.  For now, the lady at work is helping me out, especially with the clicks.  At least Zulu only has three…but I have only managed to work out one properely. HB is having so much fun.  For now it is very informal.  We will be having a conversation and decide to learn some words for the things we are talking about.  I am not sure how the Zulu teacher is approaching this, as far a I know, they are learning body parts and some greetings.
  • We are about to stop Speech Therapy.  I am feeling so excited about it.  The therapist told us, she is not sure there is any point to it, as he is reading well and he remembers things he needs to remember and he talks about the things he loves without any issues. We have decided to have a formal meeting with his teacher as she has already expressed her view that she thinks it is not necessary.
  • Our domestic goddess had a birthday this weekend.  She did tell us it was her birthday, so I do feel a birthday gesture is in order, as we do love her.
  • I am getting together with some friends this evening and I am looking forward to it. Only one partner comes, and I think because he is comfortable with us, as he is also in the same field.  It is odd like that…we talk about our work at the start and then it is anything and everything, so we are not exclusionary to people outside our field, we just know each other from the time we used to work in the same office…now only one of our group is in that office still.
  • I want to break up with another friend, and I am not sure how to do it.  I almost just want to taper off contact until it just dies.  I know it is not the most mature way to do it, but when you are on your way to your forties, you cannot just say you don’t want to play anymore.  She has no respect for me and I don’t want to accept it anymore.
  • I need to organise another date with friends who are also in my field, but it is more mummy related…we can meet without the kids every few months.

Weekend stuff.


On Saturday we cooked…really cooked.  We cooked 31 meals, which means even though we were tired, we are done for a whole month.  It took all of Saturday, and we hosted a playdate too.  It was a busy busy busy day.

A friend said she tried to cook like we do, but she failed and she is never doing it again.  I have to be honest and say it would be a big ask for one person to do this alone.  I would most likely not do it.  Hubby and I work it out together and we cook together and the rule is, clean as you go, so we do not sit with a huge pile of dirty dishes to do when we are tired after cooking.  We prefer to do it on a Saturday, so that we can get a break on the Sunday.

We also have a plan, written out, that we can work with and strike of as we go.  We also know the order we are cooking in, so that once the oven is hot, we cook everything that needs the oven, one after the other.  We also have the pans ready, the heavy duty foil and marker ready.  You have to label everything, include the date too.  Sometimes I might add something later, and you do not want food lying in the freezer for too long.

We cooked two dishes on Friday, while we were eating dinner.  I had got off work early and we decided to get a start on the stove top cooking.

The other way to do it, is to cook a double portion and build up your stash of meals over time, which I do sometimes.  Like, I will roast two chickens and freeze one.

In non food related news…

Sunday I was so sick, I spent the entire day in bed.  I only moved out of bed to use the toilet and have a shower.  Hubby brought food to me and I just stayed there….and I feel a heap better this morning.  I needed to ensure I was well for work and  I am.  I have not slept that much in a long time.

I knew I was feeling a little sick on Saturday, but I was too busy to get into being sick.  On Saturday I got into bed at 20h00 and I was done.  I awoke at about 02h00 on Sunday morning with the most incredible pain in my head and face.  I tried to blow my nose, but it did not help.  Eventually I went to sleep sitting up and it helped.  I think the sinuses where just unhappy and lying almost flat does not help.

I also managed to finish my costume design and price it out for the school.  I will make one prototype next weekend to work out the kinks. I just have not found a suitable bonnet pattern I am happy with.

HB is learning Zulu, which is great, but I don’t really speak Zulu myself, and everytime he needs to learn a new word, I have a bit of research and then I have to teach it to him.  I have not worked out how to get it into his head…currently we are just using repetition, but I need a better system. I try to find the easiest word, without any clicks in it and teach him those first…the Zulu teacher can teach the click words.  My knowledge of Zulu is greetings and then random vocabulary which I cannot really piece together…It would be great if I could actually speak the language.

Teacher gifts…to do or not?


Our littlee attends a school we pay quite a bit of money for.  We are fairly happy with the school and the teachers, etc.  I do feel there could be a bit more diversity in the staff but I am not sure what can be done about it.  I cannot even get them them to makes changes in the uniform, let alone staff.

Anyway, I digress.
How do you feel about gifts for staff?  I am not stingy but I do think we cannot give gifts to everyone on every occasion.  Engagements, birthdays, weddings, babies and this is not just the teachers and the principal.  It extends to the assistants, admin people and ground staff, including the security people.  This is a heap of people to dish out gifts to on all occasions.
We do flowers, card and choc on Valentines and then something again for Mother’s Day.  We contribute to the birthday gift.  Last year the teacher received a R1500 gift voucher and a party that included helium balloons, expensive flowers, cake, cupcakes, juice, fruit and decorations.
For me this is a bit over the top.  Surely it is about a gesture, and should not have to cost that much.  Parents are also required to be at the birthday tea (like we don’t have jobs to go to).
I don’t want to be a Scrooge, but I just feel that while teachers and school staff are a larger part of the lives of our children, we do pay a large amount of money to the school already.
I also suggested to Hubby that if we are going to be organised enough to collect money for the teacher’s gift, we should take that money and donate it to a charity in the teacher’s name, or buy books for a less privileged school or milk for some babies. I am just not sure that teachers in a private school require expensive gifts and parties.
Maybe the public school teachers are more deserving…bigger classes, smaller salaries…
What is your view?

Poison notes.


And you think you are having all the problems with your problem child…and then you bump into other moms and you realise it is not just you.

You all know about our classroom dramas from last year.  It consumed me last year and I am almost over it now.  Over the weekend I saw a mom and I recognised the anxiousness in her.  I could see the stress in her body and the way she watched over her boy.  What happened?  She received a letter from the teacher about her son being a bully. To be honest, I myself have not seen the bully side of him in his interactions with HB.  He is bigger than the other kids, size wise, but just seemed like a teddy to me.  He is not fat, just bigger.  He loves to hug and he loves to try to carry the littler ones, like HB.  I know HB does not like it, but he lets the child know, and that is normally the end of it.  I think this happened with the girls and now there is a bullying letter.  As soon as this mom sees any sign of unhappiness with the kids, she wants to jump in and take her son out of it. She is so worried and stressed.
Another mom says she received a red slip.  I did not even know what that was.  It is a disciplinary slip. He son was not listening to the cricket coach and then he walked away while the coach was reprimanding him.  You could see the stress in her body.  You can see that she just wants to protect her child.  You can see she does not know where to go or what to do.
Those little notes from school so harmless seeming when that teacher hits send, but so devastating to a mom.  I cannot say what the dads feel. but I see the signs in the mom.  I have been there, and I feel like we need a support group.
In other news…Almond milk looks gross.  I would rather drink tea and coffee without.