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Random things about pink and green.


I have never been a girly girl and not for for choosing everything pink.  To my surprise I get into my car and there I have a pink water bottle and a pink coffee coffee flask.  My desk boasts pink hand cream and a pink pen sitting at my keyboard. I am more a lime green girl.  I still am trying to find the perfect lime green electric kettle.

Yippee I thought to myself, no cricket this Saturday only to find myself with a 09h30 appointment and the need for a library run and a birthday party for the whole afternoon. If you are not friendly with the other moms, birthday parties can be a special kind of torture.  At least this mom is my close friend from when I was at varsity and I was organised this time around.  The gift is sorted (no voucher this time).
This year I have decided not to do vouchers.  I always get a book/puzzle and then a Woolies voucher (because they package the voucher so nicely).  I have decided to make a better effort to know the child and get a suitable gift.  So far I have had three good ones and hopefully I will continue to do so.  I also get the toys wrapped at the store (Toy Kingdom uses a pretty lime green paper, and it is not branded).  Then I let the mom know that if they want to take the gift back to the store, I do have the slip.  With electronic gifts (boys love it!) you never know if they are functioning.
I struggled to get a girly gift.  We tend to do the boy parties mostly and with my no voucher rule, I struggled.  Does no one sell pretty girly frilly dresses.  Does no toy shop sell Raggedy Ann type dolls?  Everything is branded with Disney and some movie or the other.  Lurid pink and glitter purple.  I settled for girly pyjamas and shoes…winter approaches in a few months. This was for a little girl.
I decided I need a party budget because having to fit these into my budget randomly is giving me stress.  I like to know upfront what money needs to be accounted for. Also, I need time to find suitable personalised gifts.  It was nice to walk into school and the recipient of one of my gifts ran up to me and told me it was the coolest gift he received.  He loves it. Electronics do that for boys. And I found these little flying gadgets on sale.
Somehow the girls don’t feel the same about electronics.  I am not sure why. You see them fighting their brothers to play with them, but they don’t want to open a gift to find one of their own.
I am also giving myself a playdate break for the the next two weeks.  I did not like playdates when we started, but now that the boys are older, it is better…Mom can have a break for a bit while the boys occupy themselves and better than that…sometimes HB is over at someone else’s place.

The weekend reflection.


I sit here on Sunday evening and reflect on the weekend. It has been a busy one for us.  HB had his first playdate without us.  I was a little apprehensive, he was a little apprehensive, but we all were fine and he loved it.

While he was at this playdate we spoke to another psychologist for an outside assessment.  I just cannot rest without knowing that we have tried everything to find out where is the problem and what we cab do. Hopefully, but the end of this month, we have all the information we need to make a decision.

We then had to attend  school event and I was nearly ready to fall over by the time we arrived home.  I had started the day feeling nauseous from an incredible headache which then intensified further and a day in the sun did not help one little bit.

Today, Sunday, I worked all day from six this morning.  I have been holed up in HB’s room, working away and I still feel like I have a ton to do.  No matter, by the end of tomorrow I shall have a set of documentation ready to go.

I still managed to fit in a reading session with HB.  We have exhausted the school  guide and now we have moved onto the consonants.  Even the psychologist said we should not worry about this academic thing.  She said he sounds fine and will specifically check these things for us.  At least she bothered to find out what is our expectation from all this.

Onto the new week.  I shall be in the office at 6am to make sure that my work is done by three tomorrow afternoon.  It feels like an exam and I just need ot make it through, which I know I can.

Have a great week bloggies, we owe it to ourselves.

The playdate.


We had our first formal playdate over the weekend.  The aunt did not stay.  She was a  bit odd, because we never actually properly spoke to her.  She was on the phone when she arrived, then she used the loo and went outside to talk for a good 45 minutes.  She wandered back in and said she had some things to do and I said it was fine, she could go and just pick up the kids later as we did not mind. Whew! it was great not having to entertain another adult.  She came back (a little later then we expected, so we know next time to give start and end times).

The kids had fun.  It was really nice to have a house with three kids (the younger sibling came too, but I had said it was fine, because what do you do with the other one?).  They played with the toys and then we set up the marble run, which was a huge hit.  They then needed a break so I allowed a movie and snacks (they watched about half or so).  Back to play with toys and then we played a board game.

It was a bit too cold for outdoor play but the kids did not seem to mind too much.  The aunt was a bit surprised to find Hubby and I playing board games with the kids too.

I will invite them again, as they were well mannered children who did not destroy the house and they did not do anything especially crazy.  We have had kids like that and I always worried about inviting them over.  The good thing, they did not come with an adult who stayed.

I can understand the adult needing to check you out, and I respect that, because I too need to do that. If all is fine, I will leave and HB will happily come on his own next time.

HB asked me to organise another one with another friend.  I feel brave enough to do another one.

Playdates…what to do.


I am a bit of a helicopter mother, I know.  So this is tough for me. This morning one of the Mom’s asked if HB could come over for a playdate next Friday.  She said she would take him home from school to her place and I can fetch him from their house.

I said, sounds fine, we can talk about it and work out the details.  And then I rushed off to my car to get to work.  I do not have time at drop offs for chats.  We exchanged phone numbers a while ago and I know her for about two years now…but only as a school gate Mom.
We have met both parents…but HB has never been on a playdate without me.  OK we only do playdates with my friend and  we visit while the kids visit. And even with her, I have never left him alone, but I would not think l twice about letting him go with her, because we share the same parenting styles and I trust her and the hubby fully.
So I am feeling a little anxious about letting him go home with someone else.
We know there are crazies out there.  However, I am also afraid of being too protective and stunting HB’s social life. The  parents seem fine.  I know she asked without it crossing her mind, assuming I was fine with it.  They are not South African, and perhaps do not have the same frame of reference of crazies that we have.
Also, HB does need to socialise more so this is good….but…
I do have a full day job, so I cannot be there to take HB to the playdate as it is too early for me.
What would you do?  Say no to the playdate, because after work is too late for the kids to be on a playdate? And I am not available at two to take HB to the playdate.
Say yes, and trust her because the family of four seem perfectly normal and sane?
Is almost 6 old enough?