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Oats and tea


I have been reading quite a bit about this whole overnight soaked oats thing and decided to give the peanut butter one a try.  Nothing can go wrong with peanut butter, I love the stuff. Added the oats, milk, yoghurt and peanut butter….it was OK.  I was disappointed because I was expecting creamy yumminess and ended up with icky oat soup.

I understand it was my fault, and perhaps I should try again  with less liquid.  Please no one say chia seeds.  If you read the internet, you cannot make overnight oats without chia seeds.  It is like the miracle ingredient. I am not buying chia seeds, because I do not want to.
This morning I cooked my oats in the microwave, left it to cool and them added the frozen berries and yoghurt and the creamy yumminess I was expecting was there.  It was cold and fruity and lovely.  I think I am going to stick with my cooked version.  It is getting to winter and hot oats will probably be better.
Note, I used to hate oats, I would gag just at the smell.  I would never touch the stuff.  However, I have grown to have a peaceful relationship with oats.  I cannot, in good conscience, make Honeybear eat oats every morning if I refuse to touch the stuff myself.
I am hoping the oats will also work its miracles on me and drop my cholesterol a bit.  I seem to have genetically  predisposed high cholesterol.  Not dangerously high at this stage, but on its way there. All of my Dad’s side of the family have heart disease, every single one of them.  Looks like I may be joining the crowd.
On the oats, I also cannot eat it without something sweet.  Without the sweetness I struggle to get it down.  So I always end up adding fruit to make it nice.
On a  good note, I have managed to cut sugar completely out my tea (and other beverages).  It has been eight months.  Tea has always been my thing.  I love it.  If I am stressed, it makes me happy.  If I need to relax, I drink tea.  If something is wrong, I drink tea.  However, without the sugar I have been struggling, as I do not like it.  Eight months later, I have managed to like it again. I will not lie and say I love it, because I still miss the sugar, but I can like it and relax again.
Also, I now drink more rooibos than I used to.  Maybe because rooibos is better without milk and sugar in the first place.  But I think it is also, because rooibos is nothing like my normal tea and I can drink it without unhappy memories.
Yes I know I am a bit nuts.  Tea…..I love you.