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Inside their minds.


My little one things I am so clever.  He has this thing for science experiments and we did one over the weekend.  He is so amazed by the fact that I could do a science experiment.  I am not sure what he thinks about his mother specifically, but science experiments was not on the list of things I was supposed to do.

This had me thinking:  What do our children think about us?  HB thinks the following:
  1. You need pancakes, I am the one you call.
  2. Mama is a witch, in that I can do magic. ( I led him on here)
  3. Mama is good for hugs.
  4. You want sweeties, ask Mama, as she will likely give them.
  5. Mama reads stories well (Papa reads so deadpan, I don’t blame the child).  I do voices and sound effects.
  6. Mama writes everything the right way.
  7. Mama has handkerchiefs and stuff inside her bag.
  8. Looking for something, ask Mama.
  9. Mama knows nothing about science experiments (surprised him on that one)
  10. Mama does not know how to play soccer (surprised him on that one)
  11. Mama works in an office and loves it (he sometimes threatens to punish me by not allowing me to go to the office…I don’t love work that much).
  12. Mama does not know how to turn on the Wii (I led him on here)
Sometimes I wish I could read his mind.

Live nice.


Yesterday I had a huge Mummy fail.  I still feel so bad about it.  I know we all do it and I will do it again….

I have been emotional about everything.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps it is starting the pill after having a break for a month or I am going nuts or ….whatever, but I have been all over the place.  Yesterday I was feeling a little frazzled and figured a good 45 minutes exercise would help.  So this was the plan in my mind.
However, when I fetched HB from school he was wet. I asked him what happened and he said that he went to the toilet and he wet his pants because he could not get them off fast enough.  So I explained this was fine, but he needs to tell his teacher and I showed him the spare clothes in his bag.  I told him these things happen but number one is perhaps go to the toilet before he gets desperate and then if he gets wet, there are spare clothes in his bag, and he can ask his teacher for help to change.  Pretoria is freezing cold at the moment and wet jeans cannot be good.
He has only wet himself once before and that was also the same situation, where he waited too long to go to the toilet.
By the time we get home, I had to wash and change him immediately because it is freezing cold.  So no time for either one of us to have a break, like we usually do.  We usually take 20 minutes for ourselves before we need to do anything, when we get home.  HB also gets a snack to get him to dinner time.
I was tired, he was tired, and I just ranted at the poor child.  I did not shout, but I ranted at him enough to make him cry.  It was horrible.  I was a horrible mother who just made her little child cry because things were going on that had nothing to do with him, but he happened to be there.  I am the adult…and adults should know better.  Adults do not do that to children.  Adults do not make children cry over stupid stuff.  Wetting your pants when you are not even six years old is stupid stuff.  You grow out of it.  What set the rant off was when I found he had not cleaned up properly after going to the toilet because he was in too much of a hurry to get back to play.  He is a child and kids do this.  Not adults and adults should not lose control like that. Yes I did not shout or smack but I did make him feel bad enough that he cried.  And toilet accidents is a definite thing you do not make kids feel bad about.  I know this, but I did it anyway.
Yes we made up and cuddled and got over it because he is a sweet child and forgives me.  I explained mama did a bad thing today and we do not do that to each other.
I have made excuses for myself, but still, we do not do that.
I spent a good part of the evening crying and feeling like a failure.  I still feel like a failed mother. I know I am good most of the time, but it is episodes like yesterday that stick in the mind and you realise that when the times get tough, you fall apart.
Learn from me ladies, we have to be nice to our children, not just take care of them.  We have to be nice to these precious little bodies, because being nice and good to them is more important than packing the correct lunch box or educational crafts or pretty clothes.
Being nice and living nice and good will ensure that when you are the end of your string, there will be reserve string waiting to help you get by.


Honeybear and sleeping has always been a thing with us.  He was one of those babies who did not sleep and needed to be carried all the time.  While exhausting sometimes, I was mostly fine with it.  Who does not want to cuddle a baby?

So Honeybear ended up in our room and everyone  finally had some sleep.  So that worked for a long time, until Hubby suggested it was time to move him to his own room (which we had spent a long time getting just right).

So to his room Honeybear went and he slept there for a while.  Then was holidays and it was then too cold and then he was back with us again.

Now while it is not nice to sleep in the bedside table, I was happy having Honeybear in the bed.  I felt more relaxed, and I slept better.  Honeybear slept better.  However, hubby is not all that happy.  He says he is fine with it, but I know he is not.

So last night we stuck Honeybear back in his room.  23h30 found me crying into my pillow because I wanted my baby in the bed with me.  Hubby was blissfully sleeping (snoring very loudly).  I could not sleep and was still awake at about 01h00, when Honeybear called for me.  He was crying and scared of his clock (which he had asked me to refresh with batteries earlier in the evening).

So with about seven soft toys and a pillow I moved him back into our bed.  Hubby fetched another blanket, I moved into the bedside table and we all slept blissfully until the alarm.

Is there a support group for mothers who are struggling to let go.  I can see that that while I love having Honeybear int bed with us, and while hubby say he is fine, I know he would prefer that Honeybear sleep in his own bed.

I am just nuts, I know.  I cannot let my almost five year old go, just across the passage.

Why do I feel like this?

Honeybear just never seems old enough.

I cannot see the harm in letting him sleep with us until he is ready to move to his room.

We see so little of each other, that the night time contact feels important to me.

Honeybear loves sleeping with us, why should he not get what he wants, especially when I feel the same.

It is socially acceptable elsewhere.

I feel like maybe it is not such a big deal, but then I think maybe it is.  Maybe I am going to create emotional problems for Honeybear.

Today is one of those I feel the uncertainties of motherhood a little bit stronger.

My sensitive side


I just do not understand how I turned into this emotional woman…how? I never cried in movies or over books. It took a lot to make me cry. Since I have become a mother I cry so easily. I think maybe it is because I can emotionally relate better.

Honeybear and I seem to be connected emotionally somewhere.

I scold him and it is whatever. He does not have the same reaction as when his Papa scolds him. You can see the hurt when Papa scolds. Yesterday Papa was scolding him into his pajamas. He was crying and calling for me. He was being naughty. Hubby and I have an agreement not to question each other’s parenting ways. However, I find it hard not to intervene when Hubby is doling out discipline. It is not that he is harsh, but I feel the hurt Honeybear feels.

Yesterday, I knew I was wrong but I went into the room and I asked Hubby to please stop and let me take over. I was in tears too, seeing my little baby crying.

I know Hubby was not happy with me getting in between, but my heart was sore watching Honeybear’s unhappiness. It tore at my heart seeing how unhappy he was, even though I know he was being naughty.

Hubby and I spoke about it afterwards and he was very understanding, but I know it is not something I must do too often, but I just cannot stand my little baby to cry.

Mothers and the minion


I know, as a Mom, I create my own pressures and stresses about the way in which I think I should be parenting. I should spend more time with Honeybear, I must craft with him and teach him things like colours and I must make sure all his snacks are home-made and healthy and a whole host of other things I cannot even remember now.

I see other Moms, perfectly dressed and wearing heels and I think, well what is your excuse, if she can do it and she has 2 kids, you surely can do it with one kid.

Why do we do this to ourselves, and I realise we all do this sometime or the other.

It took me a while to realise that other women may look at me and think those same things (ego boost for me).

After the initial problems were sorted out, breastfeeding came easily for Honeybear and I. It also helped that I had the support of hubby, Le Leche League and the office I worked in.

There were to women who had babies after me and they feel like if I could breastfeed and work, they too should do the same thing. They are struggling and tired and life is unpleasant. I have tried to help. We all not the same. Like anything else, we are different kinds of mothers and we all manage in different ways. This does not make us bad mothers, just mothers with different abilities and views.

Be proud of yourself and remember you are a brilliant Mom.

Remember this post about making a minion? Well here is the result. Tutorial from this excellent website.

Despicable Me Minion by MamaCat

Despicable Me Minion by MamaCat