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This school thing is so hard. For me.  Grade 1 has been such a jump forward.  I find myself struggling to let go and just let him do all the big boy things. I walk him to his class and then I have moments of anxiousness when I have to leave him there and walk away.  There is just this field of kids and I have to leave him there.  No adult to hand him over to.  I am not used to this.

There are teachers and high school prefects to watch over the kids…but I still feel a little anxious.  Will he find his friends? Will he be OK?

Then there are all the things they have to carry to school.  All those bags are bigger than he is.  He has to make new friends and he has to remember to bring his books home and there is homework (when they promised us there would be no homework).
HB has a cold at the moment and he has activities everyday after school, sometimes two.  I am worried for my little darling.  Is he going to manage all this.  He has to tie shoe laces.  He owns his first pair of lace up shoes.  He surprised me and he is able to tie them without help.  I see him in these long socks, lace up shoes, and collared shirt and my heart misses a beat because he is definitely going to go away and I know I cannot protect him from all those things out there.
On the other hand, HB seems to be fine.  He is getting everything done, he is finding his friends, he looks happy and he has not really complained, except to say, he does not have enough time to play.
How do mothers let go?  Where do you find the courage?