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The diet.


So it is actually time to really properly lose this weight that I have.  It just cannot go on anymore. We don’t eat a whole heap of junk…but the tea…I love it.  With milk and sugar and I just cannot do that without piling on the weight.

Hubby also decided that he needs to lose weight.  This is the first time that we both made the decision at the same time. And it has been working for three weeks.  I know it is early days yet, but it is so much easier to do this when you are both doing it at the same time.
I have managed 6ks and hubby 10kgs so far. I know it probably is not fat this early, but it is encouraging to see.
So we are doing the low carb thing.  I am not a fan of cutting out food groups, but I have to admit, it’s just lower, not out and it does seem to work.
Yesterday I ended up at the doctor.  I had been feeling bad for a few days, put it down to the diet and left it.  Yesterday it felt like a uti and I just upped and went to the doctor.  Turns out it is not the diet.  I was ready to give this diet up yesterday.  I do actually have a uti and I have been having fever etc and it is not just the diet. So we did some blood tests to rule out other things and to check if there are adverse effects from the diet.  The good thing, the doctor said that the diet is actually working and I should stick with it. The bad thing, this is the third time the lipids test shows high bad cholesterol.  It was already established that I have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol but I have been avoiding statins. Since I am already on a diet, she said she would let it go for three months.  I do need to stick with this thing and test again in three months.
I am just not sure statins work.  I just don’t want to take them and I need to work extra hard at this diet thing.
I will call it a diet and not a lifestyle change, because I am not there yet. This diet was just an experiment for me, but it has proved to be something I actually do need to do for myself.
So let me see where it will go.  I am not convinced that I will be able to do this long term.  I do miss milk and I do sometimes just want a curry and rice…but I have committed to three months for now.
Today I feel well enough to add exercise and I just have to do it. I have seen my dad having heart attacks at my age and a triple heart bypass at 40.  I do not want to go down that road…it was such a tough time for my mother and I cannot put my family through that same thing.  My dad did not know, I do know.

LCHF for me?


I have been reading and reading and reading and I think I may see the merits in this LCHF diet. I am not one for diets and it worries me a little, still, that you must cut out a whole food group. OK maybe I am being drastic, it says reduce, not cut out completely.

So as an experiment I have decided to first see how we would manage without potatoes. Potatoes is a staple in our house, along with bread and I wanted to see if we could cook without it for two weeks. It is not easy. I have substituted lentils for the potatoes (I know lentils is not really part of this diet)…one step at a time.

I need to find a bread alternative because I cannot imagine life without bread. I know I am kind of defeating the whole thing by not changing my way of thinking, but I want to make it fit me, not the other way around. I want to do this in a way I know I can sustain. Too much at once and I will fall apart.

Also, I am not totally convinced this diet is the end all and be all, but I would like to see how it works, especially since diabetes is a big in my family, but then so is heart disease, so the fat thing is worrying me. I understand about good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, but I have a family history (everyone on in my Dad’s immediate family has died of heart disease and the live ones have heart disease…my dad had to have heart surgery). Eating chicken skin is just not going to happen for me, neither is eating meat with lumps of fat. Doing that is going against everything I have been raised to eat to keep a healthy heart…so I am going to do this very slowly.

Also, to be honest, this way of eating just looks to be much more expensive…if I look at it superficially. Eating lentils and potatoes is far cheaper than the items on the “green” list.

So today I am going to shop with the “green” list and see how far I get for the week.

Sugar and bread is going to stay for now. I live without sugar, for me it is no biggie and Honeybear does not drink tea or coffee so he does not have sugar issues. Hubby needs to stop.

Fruit is also going to stay for now. I make a point of always buying fruit in season and we are currently in citrus season and I am not going without citrus. I am a huge believer in fruit and especially to eat it in the right season.

My non-negotiable……

I do not want my food bill going up, we have worked very hard to save money and eat properly so I am not compromising this. We want a house with a garden and that goal sits above all other monies spent.

I will not cut out fruit completely, because I do believe you need the goodness in fruit.

I will not make drastic, sudden changes.

I am not going to weigh myself at all.

Yes I know my head is in the sand!