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Weekend stuff.


On Saturday we cooked…really cooked.  We cooked 31 meals, which means even though we were tired, we are done for a whole month.  It took all of Saturday, and we hosted a playdate too.  It was a busy busy busy day.

A friend said she tried to cook like we do, but she failed and she is never doing it again.  I have to be honest and say it would be a big ask for one person to do this alone.  I would most likely not do it.  Hubby and I work it out together and we cook together and the rule is, clean as you go, so we do not sit with a huge pile of dirty dishes to do when we are tired after cooking.  We prefer to do it on a Saturday, so that we can get a break on the Sunday.

We also have a plan, written out, that we can work with and strike of as we go.  We also know the order we are cooking in, so that once the oven is hot, we cook everything that needs the oven, one after the other.  We also have the pans ready, the heavy duty foil and marker ready.  You have to label everything, include the date too.  Sometimes I might add something later, and you do not want food lying in the freezer for too long.

We cooked two dishes on Friday, while we were eating dinner.  I had got off work early and we decided to get a start on the stove top cooking.

The other way to do it, is to cook a double portion and build up your stash of meals over time, which I do sometimes.  Like, I will roast two chickens and freeze one.

In non food related news…

Sunday I was so sick, I spent the entire day in bed.  I only moved out of bed to use the toilet and have a shower.  Hubby brought food to me and I just stayed there….and I feel a heap better this morning.  I needed to ensure I was well for work and  I am.  I have not slept that much in a long time.

I knew I was feeling a little sick on Saturday, but I was too busy to get into being sick.  On Saturday I got into bed at 20h00 and I was done.  I awoke at about 02h00 on Sunday morning with the most incredible pain in my head and face.  I tried to blow my nose, but it did not help.  Eventually I went to sleep sitting up and it helped.  I think the sinuses where just unhappy and lying almost flat does not help.

I also managed to finish my costume design and price it out for the school.  I will make one prototype next weekend to work out the kinks. I just have not found a suitable bonnet pattern I am happy with.

HB is learning Zulu, which is great, but I don’t really speak Zulu myself, and everytime he needs to learn a new word, I have a bit of research and then I have to teach it to him.  I have not worked out how to get it into his head…currently we are just using repetition, but I need a better system. I try to find the easiest word, without any clicks in it and teach him those first…the Zulu teacher can teach the click words.  My knowledge of Zulu is greetings and then random vocabulary which I cannot really piece together…It would be great if I could actually speak the language.


Getting back on the wagon.


After my blood tests, my diet sort of fell apart.  I just gave up.  I was feeling like what is the point of all this if the main reason I started is not working. We have our freezer cooking weekend, coming up and I was very ready to throw it all in.  I have to admit…it does cost us more to buy the diet stuff than to buy the food we normally buy. It was very tempting. I had all my recipes ready and was about to make the shopping list…and then a little voice said:

“You have been feeling so good about being smaller, you are at you pre-pregnancy weight, don’t you want to go all the way?”

I know my cholesterol did not really excite me.  I do have to go do a proper test (when I am psyched to  do it again, I am not there yet).  The reality is that  my cholesterol may never get better, no matter what I eat.

I have 10kgs to lose and it is taking very long to lose these 10kgs. So I need to not give up hope and just stick with it for now.

I agreed with hubby that I will look over my recipes again and I will make diet friendly freezer meals for all of us.  My challenge (which I look forward to), is to make sure that our grocery budget remains within reason. So my rough ides for now:

  1. Baked chicken wings. Why do chicken wings cost so much per kilo?
  2. Venison lasagne with aubergine replacing pasta and my cauliflower white sauce.
  3. Crustless spinach and mushroom quiche with homemade cheese and eggs replacing the custard bit (that thing that holds it all together).
  4. Egg and veggie (pepper, onions, broccoli, mushrooms) muffins (for grab and go breakfasts).  Do not use brown mushrooms here.  Only white button.  The brown ones tend to make the muffin look brown and disgusting.
  5. Pot roasted chicken and veggies.
  6. Cabbage and mutton curry (reminds me of home).
  7. Butter chicken with homemade yoghurt replacing the cream. I will have flaxseed and sunflower rotis to go with it.
  8. Samp and beans with lamb. This is a whole meal by itself, not the dry samp that you see in the shops.
  9. Homemade fish cakes made with flaxseed “bread” crumbs.
  10. Venison and peas in a tomato based curry without any potatoes.  Hubby and HB can cook rice that day to go with it.
  11. Beans curry made with cow peas. Again, no potatoes.
  12. Veggie soup.
  13. Maybe a veggie pizza, if I feel like it.
  14. Plain roast veggies which we can toast in a jaffle with cream cheese.  I love jaffles…but the bread is not allowed, I will have to use my own flax or sunflower bread.
We just add salad to go.  And I use salad loosely.  HB and I will just eat a chunk of cucumber and tomato and be good with it. Hubby wants more of a production, but then he makes it.

I have left off the pies because I have no suitable replacement for the puff pastry.  I am not keen on cauliflower mash or rice.  It smells strange.

I am open to suggestions.