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This weekend I have engaged the services of a lovely lady to help us out with the domestic situation. She said she would eat whatever we eat and the only request she made was for instant coffee.  We use a coffee machine, and I think we have become used to the stronger coffee. 
We agreed on a payment of R170,00 per day.  I feel it is a little low, but for now we will see, and if it works out, I will raise that to where we are comfortable. I have told her that I cannot fetch and drop her, she has to make her own way to us, and that will be the test, if she can make it to us on her own.   Thank you all for the advice on my previous post.
I took some time for myself and sewed a pair of palazzo pants for myself.  I just wanted to sew something that was not utilitarian and wanted to do something for me.  HB declares it is too big (he does not understand the style is meant to be floaty and almost a skirt).  he says I cannot wear it anywhere.  Hubby was also a bit sceptical, but I do not take fashion advice from either one of them, I buy their clothes for them.  I love it.  It is comfortable, printed linen, and I think it is pretty.  I shall wear it wherever I want to. 
This morning HB is having his school readiness assessment as I write.  I wish I could be there, but I cannot be. Hubby is going to be there.  I am far too anxious to be there and I will communicate that to HB.  Hubby will go back later for the part that the parent can observe.  Good thing there is so much drama in the news to keep me distracted. 
We received the school fees notification for next year…14% increase.  I have closed it, put it away and I will think about it next January.  I refuse to pay upfront at the beginning of the year, as a 5% discount is not enough of an incentive. If we invest the lump sum for a year we can get a few percent higher interest.
PS: while I write Hubby sent me a message saying it was so hard to drop HB off at the test.  He says he went back to the car and broke down crying….I was bad and selfish to leave it to him alone.

Employing domestic help.


One of the big reasons I do not employ someone to help me with housework, is that I have extreme guilt.  I cannot fire them.  I seem unable to tell them when they are doing something wrong and then just live with it, because I cannot bring myself to say it.

I also feel under huge pressure to make a proper breakfast and lunch and offer tea.  It gets too much and then I end up not employing someone in the first place.
Now I really need the help, because the weekends are too busy to get the proper cleaning done, and really the house is looking a tad sad.
I also would like someone to clean during the week while we are not there, but again I feel huge guilt for making them walk from the main gate to our house.  On weekends, I fetch whoever from the taxi and then drop them off at the taxi after.  And then I feel the need to give them dinner to take home, because they have been working all day for me.  I have also been I told I pay too much and to be honest I cannot afford to pay those rates anyway. I also do not know how much is too long a day, and then end up letting them go before they finish everything.
Employing someone to help with housework, basically stresses me out to no end.  A friend told me I need to stop with this stuff.  It is employment and the women do not feel they need all the things I think they should have.
I also feel bad for letting whoever come clean up alone, and end up cleaning along with them, because I feel bad about it, hence they need to be there when I am at work, so I do not end up doing all the housework anyway.
Is there is a group for stupid people like me?  Are there lesson I can get somewhere?  Weirdly enough, I have no trouble criticising and redlining work when I am at the office.  In fact, I can be quite harsh.