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Good things.

We had a brilliant parent teacher interview this week.  His teacher had only good things to say about HB.  It was such a lovely change from last year, where I did not even want to go to these things. I am so glad we did move him to the next grade, because HB had flown through the first term, he did not even need the “time to settle” he normally needs.  The school educational psychologist also met with us and said she feels that he needs no more intervention from her, he is settled and she is not worried about him not managing things by himself.
Hubby is back to normal scheduling so at least I am getting his full support again…which I need to get used to.  Yesterday he was reading with HB and I had to hold myself back from stepping and telling him what to do, because I have become used to the autonomy of me.  I did not manage to avoid getting miffed about my afternoon/ evening scheduling.  I get so snippy, it is not great…I need to let it go…because hubby is allowed to have his way too.
On the scheduling thing, I think we have got the hang of it.  A timetable was all we needed.  We wrote up the timetable, stuck it to our chalkboard and all is well.  No more forgetting library day or which uniform it is today.  We have it up there, including the after school activities and which homework and exercises need to be done.  I must say, I fully recommend a spot in the house where everyone can see what is going on.  We have this in the little passage.  It has a magnetic chalkboard the size of a door screwed onto the wall (we made this ourselves for really cheap).  Here we pin up the notices for the week, the timetable, passwords and logins to the apps we use for HB, photographs and just things we need to do.  It goes down to the floor, so it is accessible to HB too. Guests cannot see it, unless they go to our bedrooms and are really nosy.
Now that HB can read, it works even better.  I did not realise his reading skills were that good.  Hubby has put up a note for himself to remember to buy an easter bunny for HB…HB read the note and I had questions this morning.
We moved our Easter egg hunt to this weekend so that hubby is also part of the fun.  However, with the deferred hunt, the bunny was eaten already.
Three months into my diet and I seem to have stopped losing weight…a little demotivated about this, but I did already lose a heap and I guess this is pretty normal.  Most people seem to hit a point where they don’t lose weight for a bit and you just have to carry on and it will be fine.  The positives are that my skin and hair are doing great…I tend to have crocodile skin if I do not apply lotion immediately after I step out the shower, and this year I seem to be doing fine.
We are leaving work at 2 today (and hubby hads the day off)….it feels like such a treat.  We decided to go buy the easter bunny and then fetch HB early from school.
We can take him out to the field to go fly his drone (he really wanted one and hubby and I are also enjoying this little toy…I did not know they came with a camera).
On the work front, I have crunched through my list very well and I can leave early in peace.
So off to do the admin side of my job, nothing too crazy for the rests of the day.  Punching, filing and folding.
PS:  I did this way out design for a client and I did not expect much…but I was surprised to find that they will build my proposal as is.  This is big for me because it is a huge commercial project…not even one suggestion about changing a little here or there, which just about never happens.



This school thing is so hard. For me.  Grade 1 has been such a jump forward.  I find myself struggling to let go and just let him do all the big boy things. I walk him to his class and then I have moments of anxiousness when I have to leave him there and walk away.  There is just this field of kids and I have to leave him there.  No adult to hand him over to.  I am not used to this.

There are teachers and high school prefects to watch over the kids…but I still feel a little anxious.  Will he find his friends? Will he be OK?

Then there are all the things they have to carry to school.  All those bags are bigger than he is.  He has to make new friends and he has to remember to bring his books home and there is homework (when they promised us there would be no homework).
HB has a cold at the moment and he has activities everyday after school, sometimes two.  I am worried for my little darling.  Is he going to manage all this.  He has to tie shoe laces.  He owns his first pair of lace up shoes.  He surprised me and he is able to tie them without help.  I see him in these long socks, lace up shoes, and collared shirt and my heart misses a beat because he is definitely going to go away and I know I cannot protect him from all those things out there.
On the other hand, HB seems to be fine.  He is getting everything done, he is finding his friends, he looks happy and he has not really complained, except to say, he does not have enough time to play.
How do mothers let go?  Where do you find the courage?

School progress

Honeybear is doing better than expected at school.  No tears and he is loving it. I am so happy.

Work is its usual crazy busy, but maybe I am used to it by now.

Hubby and I have had some run-ins, but nothing that was not resolved at the same time.  I think part of it is me being too tired (pills sorted that one out) and him just thinking I was going to do something.  If you need help, you have to ask, he cannot read my mind.

We have also managed to get Honeybear back into his room.  He has moved back after the holidays, where he and I shared.  I love having him cuddle with me, but hubby also likes a cuddle and we just need our own adult space.  Moving him back into room, did mean a  few weeks of disturbed sleep for all of us.  Honeybear needed to be reassured every time he woke.

He is also at the age where he actually listens and remembers the bedtime reading.  I was taken by surprise.  I found him on Saturday with the Roald Dahl book.  I asked him what he was reading…he said he was looking for the story about the crocodile.

Hubby had been saying to me I should read more monotonous because the child must sleep, not be interested.  However, he loved the story so much, we have been reading the same one all week.

I love that he likes to look at books, even if he cannot read.

We attended the PTA meeting, hubby was a bit hesitant, because it was mostly Mom’s. Anyway, it was interesting to see.  Those PTA moms are serious about PTA. They are intimidating and it was very obvious that they are their own group and nominate each other for the same things, not that anyone else was complaining.  The rest of us just sat there and stared at them giggling at their own jokes.  It is great that they are willing to do so much for the school.  Organizing teas, and golf days and a million other little things.

I did meet a Mom of one of the boys in Honeybear’s class.  It was nice to chat to someone else and see ow they are handling this whole school thing.  Anyway, I will chip in where I can, but I am not committing myself.  They are well organised and seem quite happy with the doing.

Otherwise school is going well, and I am happy. 

This and that

I have a few minutes to write a blog again.  Sitting here with my fruit smoothie (loving these right now).

Me:  I am trying to be healthier and eat less junk, but right not when I have a horrendous headache I want a chocolate to make me feel better.  And there happens to be sitting, on my desk, a lovely Lindt slab.  A student brought it to me for helping out with design issues.

These days I make up a litre of fruit smoothie in the morning and I bring it to work, so I can drink it inbetween when I feel like a snack or coffee/tea.  My iron levels have been so low, I am trying to do away with tea for now.

I know many people believe fruit has too much sugar, but I am not happy to give fruit up right now, especially the summer fruit.  I love summer fruit.  I am wondering if this healthy eating is going to stick once I am in Durban.  My parents see it as their duty to feed me constantly while I visit there.  My Mom is such a brilliant cook, you cannot resist eating her food.  Not that she cooks unhealthy food, but I have been staying away from rice, bread, potatoes and that kind of thing.

A curry is not complete without rice or how do I say no to breyani or roti.  This is making me hungry.

I am trying to get Honeybear to eat more veggies, so I am having to hide the veggies in food.  I feel like such a sneak.  We received the new school calendar and the reality of school holidays and working parents just hit home.  What is everyone else doing?  Who takes care of the kiddies during school holidays?  We have nowhere near enough leave to be home to take care of Honeybear.  His school does have holiday care, but it is only for part of the holidays, not the whole thing.

I have been trying to work this out and I have no solution yet.  What are other people doing?  We  have absolutely no family nearby that we can ask to help out.  I am hoping we can meet some other parents in the same boat and we can do  like a carpool thing, but for childcare, that way one person does not take that much leave.  The school has three terms so if we have four adults then each one can take a turn to be home for the holidays.

We will meet the other new parents mid November so I am hooping we can find a solution.

Our puppy is not  proving easy to potty train.  I have read endlessly on this topic and try to follow the guidelines, but it is not working so well.  I am so tired of puppy poo and pee.  I want it to end.

My headache is killing me…does anyone else have this?  A few days before my period starts, I get the most horrendous headache, that will last until the period actually starts.  This happens with or without the pill.  I was told to just take pain killers.

Big School looms

I am such a terrible blogger, cannot even call myself a blogger now, it has been so long.

Where am I?

I left school application really late, however, it worked out fine anyway.  We have our acceptance letter and an orientation visit for tomorrow morning.

I cannot stop being worried.

What if they do not love my little Honeybear?

What if he is scared and lonely?

What if he is bullied?

What if he does not understand and is scared and upset?

What if they force him to do judo when he does not like it?

Will someone help him settle in?

Will he cry and wonder what we have done to him?

Will he hate the school?

Will they treat him well?

What if someone steals his lunch?

Will they love him?

I cannot think why I think only bad things are going to happen.  Good things could happen too.

He will love it.

He will find friends.

This could be the start of his tennis or judo career.

I should stop stressing about the whole thing.  Hubby does not seem to understand, he is cool about the whole thing.  He has to wear a uniform now, as all the kids must wear uniform at the school.   They are even strict about bags and lunch boxes.  They must all be nondescript.  I understand why, but I still worry for my little one.  He only just turned four and he is such a sensitive soul.

My poor baby has been very sick this weekend, just high fever, without any sign something is wrong, like a runny nose.  At four he is a bit too big, but he still wants to sleep on me when he is sick and he wants to be fed and dressed, even though he is perfectly capable of doing it himself.  Hubby says I am being too soft with him and allowing him to take advantage of me, however, my baby is my baby and I will hold him and hug him as long as he wants me to.

Bid school is not just an adjustment for kids, but parents too.  We now have to eat breakfast at home.  The nursery school provides all meals so we never eat at home.  now he will have to eat a proper breakfast at home and I have to pack him lunch and snacks.  What if his lunch falls into the dirt?  What if he eats everything at once and is starving hungry by afternoon?

Honeybear also loves his afternoon nap.  They do have sleep time still at the new school, but i wonder if one hour is sufficient for my baby.

I have to be brave and not cry the first day of school.