Being a judgy parent.


Yesterday I was sitting at a swimming lesson.  There were six of us adults sitting there…and I was the only one without my face stuck into my phone. I was judging the other five.  Judging them for not looking at their kids learn to swim.  For me it is important to watch and to give HB a thumbs up every so often. He looks up often to see if I am watching.  I want to be looking at him when he looks to me.  I miss so much because I work fulltime, and the swimming lesson is one of the few things I can be there to watch, so I do actually watch him.

I would assume, any parent sitting there with me is also working fulltime, because we sit there in the dark and the cold waiting, and if you could do it earlier, you would.  So they are mostly in the same boat.

I sat there and judged them, without knowing a thing about them.


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  1. Then I’m a judgy parent too. I don’t understand folks who have their phones stuck to their faces. Maybe because I’m on a PC all day, every day, I really can’t be bothered with “devices” after hours. We had a sports day earlier in the year and I was judging a mum because she didn’t look at her kid once. She actually was having a fat old argument with someone on the other side of the phone in front of all of us. Just put it away for like 2 hours. It won’t kill you not to be connected for a bit.
    Ooooh, look, you got me all started now, hehe
    It’s hard not to judge. It really is

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