Weekend stuff.


On Saturday we cooked…really cooked.  We cooked 31 meals, which means even though we were tired, we are done for a whole month.  It took all of Saturday, and we hosted a playdate too.  It was a busy busy busy day.

A friend said she tried to cook like we do, but she failed and she is never doing it again.  I have to be honest and say it would be a big ask for one person to do this alone.  I would most likely not do it.  Hubby and I work it out together and we cook together and the rule is, clean as you go, so we do not sit with a huge pile of dirty dishes to do when we are tired after cooking.  We prefer to do it on a Saturday, so that we can get a break on the Sunday.

We also have a plan, written out, that we can work with and strike of as we go.  We also know the order we are cooking in, so that once the oven is hot, we cook everything that needs the oven, one after the other.  We also have the pans ready, the heavy duty foil and marker ready.  You have to label everything, include the date too.  Sometimes I might add something later, and you do not want food lying in the freezer for too long.

We cooked two dishes on Friday, while we were eating dinner.  I had got off work early and we decided to get a start on the stove top cooking.

The other way to do it, is to cook a double portion and build up your stash of meals over time, which I do sometimes.  Like, I will roast two chickens and freeze one.

In non food related news…

Sunday I was so sick, I spent the entire day in bed.  I only moved out of bed to use the toilet and have a shower.  Hubby brought food to me and I just stayed there….and I feel a heap better this morning.  I needed to ensure I was well for work and  I am.  I have not slept that much in a long time.

I knew I was feeling a little sick on Saturday, but I was too busy to get into being sick.  On Saturday I got into bed at 20h00 and I was done.  I awoke at about 02h00 on Sunday morning with the most incredible pain in my head and face.  I tried to blow my nose, but it did not help.  Eventually I went to sleep sitting up and it helped.  I think the sinuses where just unhappy and lying almost flat does not help.

I also managed to finish my costume design and price it out for the school.  I will make one prototype next weekend to work out the kinks. I just have not found a suitable bonnet pattern I am happy with.

HB is learning Zulu, which is great, but I don’t really speak Zulu myself, and everytime he needs to learn a new word, I have a bit of research and then I have to teach it to him.  I have not worked out how to get it into his head…currently we are just using repetition, but I need a better system. I try to find the easiest word, without any clicks in it and teach him those first…the Zulu teacher can teach the click words.  My knowledge of Zulu is greetings and then random vocabulary which I cannot really piece together…It would be great if I could actually speak the language.


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  1. Oh I feel you on the Zulu! Hahahaha. And our nanny doesn’t even speak Zulu so she can’t even help, darnit all. Good one on the cooking although I was going to say that maybe all that cooking made you so sick, hehe, just kidding. Glad you’re feeling better today 🙂

  2. Wow, you really went all out.
    DH gets terrible sinus pains, I can only imagine what it feels like. Shame man, glad you are feeling a bit better today.
    Here in the good ‘ol EC we have isiXhosa but I’m not great at that. Liam has an uncle who was raised on a farm and he is so fluent in it. Quite amazing to see this white bloke conversate with the locals. Love it.

      • No, Liam isn’t learning isiXhosa. Perhaps they will do it next year, in Grade 4 as I remember doing it in STD 2-5. I think it’s a good thing

      • HB’s school has decided to start the kids from Grade000 up with Zulu, so that by the time they come up to an examinable subject, they will be better at it and then the school will have a second local language. They still learn Afrikaans too, because they cannot just throw it out for the kids that are too far down the line.

  3. Wow – that is really amazing to cook that much food. I cook a lot of chicken breasts or mince and freeze that – then I just make pasta or rice or veggies with that. Also saves a lot of time.

    I hope you feel better…

    • Yes, it is all about saving time and money. We are less likely to be tempted to an easy takeaway, when we have a good homecooked meal waiting at home. It is also way less dishes during the month.

  4. Wow that’s a lot of food prep! But such a relief I’m sure that it is done.
    So sorry you were sick that’s awful.

  5. You really are super organised with your meals… Well done. I always try to make a double supper and pop the other in the freezer, that way when it’s busy te we have food ready.
    I used to speak quite a bit of Zulu, my Mom is fluent, grew up speaking Zulu.

  6. Wow – that is a lot of food prep. I am amazed. I am still so nervous about cooking to freeze. I have only tried it with soup which was a success. Time to try a new dish now.

    • We built up to being able to do this. We did it the trial and error way, and worked out what we can and cannot freeze, and specifically what works in our house. It is only this December that I finally have the pans that I want. Once a pan is in the freezer, you cannot use it, so you do need to build up to this. There are so many great resources on the internet.

      • Don’t you line the pan with clingfilm, pour in the food, freeze and the pop it out like a mould? That way you have your pan back?

      • Nope. Eg: I bake the lasagne or quiche in the pan, let it cool to room temp, then I wrap the whole thing in heavy duty foil, label and freeze. When it defrosts, the pan still holds it together, clingfilm might leak. Also, if I want, I can reheat the whole thing in the oven if I need, or just slice in the pan, serve on plates and reheat on microwave.

      • Ahh, I was thinking about stews and other “runny” foods. I remember my Mum freezing casaroles in clingfilm in the dish and then when frozen just popping them out and leaving them in clingfilm. Then when you want it you can just tip it back into a pot

  7. I used to use the foil pans, but they cannot be re-used after you cut something in it. I have proper baking pans now that are the same size as the foil ones and the size allows me to bake two at a time and they stack correctly in the freezer.

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