School stuff.


I am not sure why I do this to myself, OK, I guess I do it for HB.  This week we had two playdates.  For me that was a little too much, as the one was unplanned.

HB was invited out to swim (we have been having such hot weather) and I was reluctant to let him go alone to a house I had not seen, especially with a pool.  So I stayed for that one.  It was actually fine.  The mom and I always chat quickly when we fetch the kids, but at least now we got to know each other a bit better, and she is very nice. HB can go visit without me.  They are vigilant over the kids in the pool and HB is comfortable with both the dad and mom.
The one on Sunday was unplanned, but I have had the kid before, and it was not bad.  The mom and I sat and chatted for about an hour watching the kids play, and then I offered to drop him off later, since the boys thought they had not had enough playtime.
HB has a blast and was happy to reconnect with boys no longer in his class.
This meant that I was busy all weekend.  I was making pancakes and muffins and cooking and cleaning and felt like a full time job on top of all this was too much.
At nine in the evening I realised I had forgotten to cover HB’s book, with the dreaded contact plastic. I hate that stuff.  Why do teachers do this to us?  We don’t just cover a book, you have to cover over your kids artwork on the front, and it aint always flat artwork. The advantage of doing it so late was that I saw no bubbles 🙂
Hubby was working full long days all weekend, but he was nice enough to notice the clean house and complimented it.
My star child vacuumed the entire house by himself.  At this age, it is a fun thing to do.  I just have to keep an eye on him while picking up and he did it all.
I mopped the floors and HB was also very happy with his work.  I must say I was impressed.  He did the corners and a pretty good job.
The school uniform is driving me nuts.  I cannot get those white shirts clean, after only one wearing.  The have a blue and green embroidery and stripes in the collar, so it is not something I can stick in bleach.  Why does the school do this to us?
HB did well in the swim assessment, but my anxious mother heart cannot deal with him swimming unassisted in a 2m deep pool, so it is not an activity we have chosen. He swims outside school in a heated pool with an attentive coach, so he is not missing out. I was surprised he passed the assessment, as I did not think he had the stamina to swim 25m, but he did.
They grow so quickly, I want to grab him and say, stop, wait for me.

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    • I have only good things about the new teacher and she has reported he is fine. He is happy and I think too busy with extra-curricular to really think about it all. He is pooped by bedtime.

  1. Ugh school clothes somehow never come clean. LOs school socks are my problem, they also have stripes and a logo on them and are super thick, they stay dirty. I resorted to boiling them in a pot of water on the stove during the holidays.
    Covering books in contact is torture designed to annoy parents.

    • Boiling them is beginning to look like a definite possibility. Those cricket socks sound similar to LO’s. They have those stripes too and are thick. At least the formal uniform has brown socks.

  2. Good to catch up on HB, he’s growing up so fast.
    I’ve learnt which parents I can trust with my kid and which I can’t.
    Ugh on the contact. Fortunately Liam’s school provides all the books and stationery and they get those plastic slip on covers.
    I hear you on the white shirts and even the white sport socks. Why do then end up looking so grey after a few washes? They never seem to come cleaning. Liam is growing at such a rate though that we are having to buy bigger sizes each term.
    Can I send Liam over for house cleaning lessons? My men just don’t get it. Good on yours for being so well trained 🙂
    Have an excellent week

    • My Mom used to use a thing called BLUE. She used to rinse out the white clothes in this thing and they looked whiter. It was a little cube.
      You have to make housework seem like a fun activity. The spray bottle becomes a water gun (because I refuse to buy guns as toys), the vacuum cleaner is fun because I allow him to press buttons and it is electrical.

      • Funny that that call something that whitens clothes BLUE, LOL.
        Liam likes to unplug my vacuum while I’m busy with it. Funny…………not
        Remember when they were little and you used to get them those long sleeved character shirts that always, always had white sleeves. Obviously no Mums are involved in the design of kids clothes.
        I accidently packed in a light blue shirt to afterschool last week. It was horrid. And then Liam throws back at me what I always say “A dirty kid is a happy kid” Cheeky chop

    • Yes, those terrible golf shirts. That knit fabric seems to hold in the dirt and we have brown streaks on it, even after soaking and hand washing.
      At least we are going to move over to navy golf shirts towards the end of the year, it is a much more sensible colour.

  3. I hate contact plastic and avoid it at all costs. I love that we can use those thic plastic pre made A4 and A5 covers – they are the best. Sounds like HB is doing so very well this year

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