This weekend I have engaged the services of a lovely lady to help us out with the domestic situation. She said she would eat whatever we eat and the only request she made was for instant coffee.  We use a coffee machine, and I think we have become used to the stronger coffee. 
We agreed on a payment of R170,00 per day.  I feel it is a little low, but for now we will see, and if it works out, I will raise that to where we are comfortable. I have told her that I cannot fetch and drop her, she has to make her own way to us, and that will be the test, if she can make it to us on her own.   Thank you all for the advice on my previous post.
I took some time for myself and sewed a pair of palazzo pants for myself.  I just wanted to sew something that was not utilitarian and wanted to do something for me.  HB declares it is too big (he does not understand the style is meant to be floaty and almost a skirt).  he says I cannot wear it anywhere.  Hubby was also a bit sceptical, but I do not take fashion advice from either one of them, I buy their clothes for them.  I love it.  It is comfortable, printed linen, and I think it is pretty.  I shall wear it wherever I want to. 
This morning HB is having his school readiness assessment as I write.  I wish I could be there, but I cannot be. Hubby is going to be there.  I am far too anxious to be there and I will communicate that to HB.  Hubby will go back later for the part that the parent can observe.  Good thing there is so much drama in the news to keep me distracted. 
We received the school fees notification for next year…14% increase.  I have closed it, put it away and I will think about it next January.  I refuse to pay upfront at the beginning of the year, as a 5% discount is not enough of an incentive. If we invest the lump sum for a year we can get a few percent higher interest.
PS: while I write Hubby sent me a message saying it was so hard to drop HB off at the test.  He says he went back to the car and broke down crying….I was bad and selfish to leave it to him alone.

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  1. Oh no!!!!!!!!!! This post started off so positive and then to end like that 😦 Firstly, well done on the nanny situation. Very proud of you! Hopefully that helps you A.LOT. Be open to it, take it as it comes, and stay firm to not going “over the top” and keeping it strictly professional as contracted with her. I think that the R170 is okay btw even though I didn’t give you my opinion on price previously. Anywhere between R170 and R200 is the going rate as far as I’m aware 🙂 Secondly, pics of the pants please??? – they sound fabulous and I’m all for comfort over fashion. And lastly, sorry that hubby broke down but I’m sure that you made an informed decision about your involvement, or lack thereof, based on your emotional stress and bad (not really bad, you know what I mean) influence on HB. You’re not bad and selfish!!! Hope it goes well today, thinking of you xxx

  2. I hope the domestic situation works out. Remember that you just need to let some things go. You very rarely find someone who does things as well as you do and really, who has the time to show them. Breath and chill. R170 sounds fine to me as well. As I mentioned, our is R160 and she finds her own way to our house. I think she has a bus ticket.
    The pants sound fabulous. Are you taking orders? I love those flowing pants. Our PnP has had them for the past year. Only thing is that they stretch out. I’ve never had pants that my legs couldn’t fill (at 6ft I have long legs). I always laughed at my Mum and her elasticated waist pants when I was growing up, but comfort is definitely the way to go. My jeans are killing me today. Sometimes my ass just feels to big in them, LOL
    Aw man, don’t worry about HB. It was probably better you didn’t go as he would’ve picked up on your vibes and not perform too well. I’m sure hubby understands. Mums are so emotional.
    We pay school fees upfront but we don’t get offered a discount to do it. Blegh. As long as you are getting what you pay for. We can see where our fees go. Liam’s school is very well maintained and the kids are so spoiled. You should see their tuckshop! It’s like going to the cinema. It has everything. Ours used to be a sad little snoepie with a few packets of chips and cooldrinks. Theirs has cookies, popcorn, toasties, slushies, you name it
    Oops, mini blog

    • Your comment posted! Yippee. Yes, I will try harder at learning to let go.
      I also thought elasticated waist were not so great, but I am older now and I am less fashionable. However, I do want to make those pants without and elasticated waist, so guess they would be called wide leg pants instead.
      I know about the tuckshop. These kids have flavoured coffee, sandwiches, porridge, muffins, etc. We also just had cooldrinks and chips, not even chocolate.
      I like your mini blogs.

  3. I completely agree with you on rather paying monthly than having the measly 5% discount. I love palazzo pants – I have 3 from Pick and Pay clothing. I wear them with a dark jacket (black or navy) in summer.

    yay on the maid! you are doing awesome!!!!!

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