Two blogs in one day!


I feel like I want to run outside and scream it to everyone and anyone…MY CHILD IS FINE!!!!!!

We had the big assessment today and HB is fine…academically and emotionally and there is no need to keep him back to repeat a year.  She says he is actually very intelligent.

Yes he does not always listen or sit still and needs to be moving, but that is not a big issue.  We will do some exercises at home to encourage him to sit still for longer.  He does not even need the speech therapy he is currently receiving.  He just needs patience and tolerance.

It was suggested maybe there is a personality conflict between HB and the teacher and perhaps she is not being as patient as she should be.

I want to tell everyone that my baby is fine and just be nice to him.  He is mine and he is fine and he is good and he is beautiful.



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  1. Such awesome news!! I spoke to a work friend earlier with similar issues as yours, it seems like teachers these days look for the easy way out, not all of them, but a lot it seems 😦

    • I know. I see my little nephew also seems to be in the same boat. I am all for teachers being vigilant and looking out for our children, and I appreciate getting feedback. However, I wonder if they realise those passing comments tear into our bodies creating stress and worry.

  2. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! And that mama instinct of yours was right 🙂 How good to get positive assurance. Way to go HB – slay them with your intelligence!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hooray ! Shout it from the rooftops.
    I just knew it. I knew there was nothing wrong with HB. He will do so much better next year with another teacher.
    And what is sitting still anyway. Liam faffs the whole time whilst doing homework. Rocks himself back and forth like a nignog
    Whoop whoop, do the happy dance
    *post you silly comment”:

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