The playdate.


We had our first formal playdate over the weekend.  The aunt did not stay.  She was a  bit odd, because we never actually properly spoke to her.  She was on the phone when she arrived, then she used the loo and went outside to talk for a good 45 minutes.  She wandered back in and said she had some things to do and I said it was fine, she could go and just pick up the kids later as we did not mind. Whew! it was great not having to entertain another adult.  She came back (a little later then we expected, so we know next time to give start and end times).

The kids had fun.  It was really nice to have a house with three kids (the younger sibling came too, but I had said it was fine, because what do you do with the other one?).  They played with the toys and then we set up the marble run, which was a huge hit.  They then needed a break so I allowed a movie and snacks (they watched about half or so).  Back to play with toys and then we played a board game.

It was a bit too cold for outdoor play but the kids did not seem to mind too much.  The aunt was a bit surprised to find Hubby and I playing board games with the kids too.

I will invite them again, as they were well mannered children who did not destroy the house and they did not do anything especially crazy.  We have had kids like that and I always worried about inviting them over.  The good thing, they did not come with an adult who stayed.

I can understand the adult needing to check you out, and I respect that, because I too need to do that. If all is fine, I will leave and HB will happily come on his own next time.

HB asked me to organise another one with another friend.  I feel brave enough to do another one.


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  1. Glad things went well. I think we are like you. We are really involved with the playdates and I’m often digging in the dirt with Liam. I think it’s because HB and Liam are the only child so we do need to be involved to a degree.
    It is nice not to have to entertain an adult. I mean, what do you talk about? At the same time though I do wonder about those parent happy to drop their kids off with strangers. I mean, I know we are okay but how does the parent know we are ok.
    Enjoy future playdates

  2. Glad it went well! The last playdate I had the child got sick and temp went up! Kind of went a different direction and I had to phone the mom and he had to go to hospital!

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