I was furious today.  I am one those people who research everything.  It makes me feel better to have as much information as possible.

On this whole thing about HB having maybe problems at school we decided to go with the non-invasive test first and we will not do the ones requiring needles.
I phoned around and eventually made an appointment with the audiologist recommended by the psychologist. I called I checked and I checked again yesterday that this is not a hearing test but a specific test for auditory processing disorder.  I also made it clear I need a written report.  I also made it clear why we were having this test.
It just about killed me that I could not be there for the appointment, but Hubby is his parent too.  Then hubby says she says she cannot do the test.  I speak to her over the phone and she tells me audiologists cannot do these tests.  I was very upset and asked why did she not just say that upfront and now we must pay for a hearing test we did not want because we have a hearing screening every single year for HB and we know already that his hearing is fine!!!! She just did a hearing test! Like what on earth are you doing, when we said we did not need one.  I was livid. Anyway we received a 15% discount and now I am still waiting for the report.  Wasted time and money for something wrong, by someone who should know better.
She, as an audiologist should know what is within her scope and if she can do it.  Anyway, called another audiologist who then told me, of course they can test HB for APD.  I was clear we had already made this mistake once and was told audiologists cannot do the test (when I know very well that they are they only ones who can make a definitive diagnosis).  She explained that not all of them have the capability in terms of knowledge, but yes only an audiologist can make such a diagnosis.  And she also offered a discount since we had already paid for a hearing test we did not want in the first place.
This time, I will take him for the test myself because I cannot just sit and wait to hear.  I am too much of a control freak.
I was so upset that the people we rely on make such idiotic statements, that they do not check who they are seeing for an appointment, that they are just about the money.
I never charge clients for something I cannot do.  I also do research before I see a client to make sure I do have understanding before I see them.  I expect all professionals to be the same.  I have also returned money if I could not do what they needed.
I could have made the correct appointment with the correct professional if she was honest and upfront the first three times I called her office.

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