Inside their minds.


My little one things I am so clever.  He has this thing for science experiments and we did one over the weekend.  He is so amazed by the fact that I could do a science experiment.  I am not sure what he thinks about his mother specifically, but science experiments was not on the list of things I was supposed to do.

This had me thinking:  What do our children think about us?  HB thinks the following:
  1. You need pancakes, I am the one you call.
  2. Mama is a witch, in that I can do magic. ( I led him on here)
  3. Mama is good for hugs.
  4. You want sweeties, ask Mama, as she will likely give them.
  5. Mama reads stories well (Papa reads so deadpan, I don’t blame the child).  I do voices and sound effects.
  6. Mama writes everything the right way.
  7. Mama has handkerchiefs and stuff inside her bag.
  8. Looking for something, ask Mama.
  9. Mama knows nothing about science experiments (surprised him on that one)
  10. Mama does not know how to play soccer (surprised him on that one)
  11. Mama works in an office and loves it (he sometimes threatens to punish me by not allowing me to go to the office…I don’t love work that much).
  12. Mama does not know how to turn on the Wii (I led him on here)
Sometimes I wish I could read his mind.

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  1. Oooh – you should SO do that questionnaire that I did with Ethan some time back that I blogged about with your son. It was fascinating to hear his responses – will try find it for you.

  2. Liam loves science too. He has been doing Experi-buddies at school since Grade 1. Loves it. He is also surprised when I know about science. Aren’t mums allowed. We just say “yes Liam, we also went to school”
    This morning he taught us something though. Did you know that a group of jellyfish is called “a smack of jellyfish”? Who knew?
    Yep, I have pretty much everything in my bag too. And he knows to give me his rubbish too.
    Good old mum hey 🙂

    • It was this year Mother’s Day that i finally worked out how to make pancake from scratch. Up until then I used a premix. It is so easy once you have the right recipe.

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