I am angry at the world.


Things that are bothering me right now:

  1. The school:  I just need them to get with the programme.  We pay huge amounts of money for them to teach our child, and I expect that if I follow the rules they set out, they too need to follow the rules.  I have let my dissatisfaction be known to them.
  2. The psychologist:  We all have personal lives and I understand that sometimes life happens.  When life happens and it affects my professional environment, I go out of my way to accommodate the meeting, etc. I have missed. She is not doing that and is making her personal problems my problems and is not accommodating the inconvenience she has caused in my life.
  3. Nissan: I had my car fixed there, only to find that the idiot technician/mechanic did not properly test drive the car.  They just let it run on whatever machine they have, which runs straight, not turns, hence they did not pick up the problem that they have now caused. And then the service advisor tells me the two parts are not related, like I am an idiot.  Of course the wheel bearings and CV joints are in the wheel hub, which they opened up and interfered with. I am female, not an idiot. I am not a mechanic, but I am not an idiot. Car had one problem and you fixed it, and now it has another problem, I do not need to be a mechanic, or male to work that out.
  4. Our local professional institute:  As per my previous blog, they have no thought of being inclusive. And while the manager is very competent, she drives me insane when she talks to us like we are five year olds, learning to read.
  5. My FIL: He is in my space.
  6. My Hubby: He is on call and every time that phone rings in the middle of the night I want to destroy it.  I just need to sleep without interruptions.
  7. The Trustees where I live:  They do not know the first thing about anything and think that being a trustee has given them autonomy over the complex. As soon as you disagree with them, they pull out the “We are the trustees, we know better and it is about majority vote”  Like really?  It is my money you are supposed to be spending, get out of my way.
  8. Myself:  I need to stop being so angry at the world and just let it go.
  9. The cats:  One is tearing up the place, the other has no backbone.
  10. The caretaker: He keeps sending bulk messages about stupid stuff.  I have now blocked him, because I cannot deal with that.  I do not need anyone else’s religion or political views forced down my throat.
  11. My sisters:  I have a job which I work at very hard and I am good at.  Stop calling me a plan drawer, it is offensive.

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  1. Sjoe – it sounds like you need a holiday or at the very least, a half a day at the spa on your own to unwind??? Shame man. Sorry that things aren’t looking that great in your world at the moment. I’m a bit afraid that when I say this, you’re going to add me to the list as number 12 as blogger who thinks she knows it all – hehe – and I know that when you’re in the “trenches”, it’s hard to do this…but perhaps you should take a step back and focus on the positives in your life?! Thinking of you xxx

    • Lol, thanks Jodie. I have not added you to the list. Really, my life is not bad, I am just in a crappy mood, so all I see is the irritations. And they really are minor irritations. This is not the world wrong, but me. I am looking at it through the thunder clouds that is my current outlook.

  2. It is absolutely terrible to feel like that. For me a long run normally takes care of the anger. Maybe you should try and alleviate just one of your triggers by either sorting it out or making it better? Even one small thing may change your mindset?
    Big big hugs – I know how you feel.

    • You are right. One thing is all it will take, and I think that I just need alone time, but I also feel like my family needs me present.
      Thanks RM, hope you are feeling better.

  3. Ai always amazes me how sometimes life just gets too much and I feel completely overwhelmed. Sounds like you could do with a break from everything and everyone.
    I get tired of being called a stay-at-home mom….just because I run our business from home.

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