The weekend.


This weekend was lovely.  It was busy busy busy on Saturday morning….getting cars serviced, library stops, shopping and all the admin of our lives. But it was fine.  We were together.

Also on the cards was getting a new set of worksheets done for HB.  Lol, the guy at the printing store even asked if I was a teacher.  I am determined to help my child if I can.
I have been working on being gentle with my baby, because he is my baby. The worksheets are great, because for the days I do not have the patience to be nice, he can quietly do a worksheet. The nice thing is that they are like games, not worksheets.
Sunday we enjoyed a lazy lunch/afternoon at one of local dams.  The picnic was lovely, and we really had to drag HB home. He is such a nature child.  He loves being outside and it is a pity we do not do it more often.
Honeybear loves the library and I still need to get him to understand that there is a limit on the number of books we are allowed to take out.  I am so happy he loves the library as much as I do.  I have, unfortunately, finished my two library books over the weekend.
Honeybear needs more confidence.  I am trying to help him.  He often will not try something because he is too afraid to get it wrong.  Telling him is OK to make mistakes does not work.  I try to push him a little so he can see that he can do it too.
I get him to read words after we have a read a book.  This way he can see that he can do it too.  I have also taken to leaving him alone with his work, so that he has to try it alone. It feels like that whole “let your child cry it out” sleep training. I tried the cry it out once, Hubby and I were so traumatised, we never tried it again. We try to let HB lead the way.  I tell myself it is a development thing, just like learning to walk.  You can help and guide, but you cannot force.
He is back in his own room again.  For how long, I do not know.  He keeps ending up back in our bed, and to be honest, I prefer him in our bed.  I worry less.  Hubby has accepted that I will walk between our rooms during the night, because I am nuts like that.
Honeybear is getting better with the reading thing…whether this is translating to the classroom, I try not to worry about.  We have already made that decision to let the process of the psychologist take its course and time. I am concerned with keeping my child nurtured.
Telkom is driving me nuts, but they it periodically, so nothing new there. Overcharges on our account, I am not prepared to pay.  Apparently I signed up for a new contract…they must produce this contract, because I certainly have not.
Back to work.

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  1. Liam also loves his worksheets. Keeps him busy for a few minutes while we get the sequence of homework in order.
    I hear you on the confidence thing. Liam struggles for a couple of days with new words or sums but we drum them into him and when he gets them right we say “See, 2 days ago you couldn’t do it, but you’ve been practising and look at you now” It’s hard going I know, keeping them motivated. Liam is like me, we don’t like making mistakes for the fear of letting people down.
    Sounds like such a lovely weekend.
    Don’t have advise on the sleeping thing. I still walk between our bedrooms and Liam’s and he’s been on his own since like day 1, with of course a few stays in our bed when he is sickies. Ag, you know, things will happen when they happen. I doubt he will want to stay in your bed when he is 16 but hopefully it won’t take another 10 years !

    • The worksheets these days are far more exciting than the ones I remember. I would like to do them too.
      I know the confidence thing is something he also has to work out for himself. I think it comes from me being so very confident about everything (externally anyway), that I struggle to teach him how to feel it.
      The sleep thing, I figure it will resolve one day. As you say, there will come a time when he will decide for himself.

  2. Well done on the worksheets.Keep them up over the holidays as it keeps him practicing.
    You know your child best and you are his Mom and doing the beat for him,well done to you.

  3. Sounds like a busy Saturday morning. It is so awesome to hear kids loving reading so much.

    With Telkom, our lines go down at least once a month at home, I do not deal with their call centre anymore, go straight to their FB page and complain there, the next day everything is sorted. I know it’s not the same thing, but maybe give it a try.

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