Random bits and pieces.

I looked up now, it is one of those lazy Friday afternoons.  Everyone is sitting plugged into their PC via earphones.  Lost in their pre-weekend world.  Doing little tasks and waiting for the bell to ring.
Hubby and I had a fight last night.  We made up before bedtime, but it is not nice to fight with your husband.
I am seeing Honeybear’s speech therapist next week.  I need a proper chat with her as to where we are going with this.
There is a kiddies birthday party coming up and I realise I need a gift budget.
We are having a Ninja Turtle birthday party for Honeybear. I am looking forward to it, as this is an easy one to plan.  I will start buying the bits and pieces early and invite my parents too.
I want to go visit my parents next week, hopefully I can swing the long weekend.
Our wedding anniversary approaches in a few days…9 years (we are old!)
I am looking forward to my sister visiting next week.
What will I cook?  Something traditional or something new (for my sister’s family).
I love the menu planning and freezer meals we did.  We are almost at the need of April and we still have meals to eat. (2 months).
I like having time to myself.  A lot of time.  I like to be by myself.
Honeybear and I had a Mom and son date day about 2 weeks ago.  Completely unplanned, but one of those days that will stick in my mind.  He loved it too and I love that we can appreciate things together like that.
Had dinner with friends this week.  It was so great to see everyone and to catch up (we all used to work together at some point but have moved or not moved).
I am planning on a family weekend.  Time to be us together.
I am upset with my Dad, but I need to let it go.  He is older, living in a different time from me and does not always understand me.
I am worried about my youngest sister.  I wish I could make things better for her.
I have turned into a good cook.
Perhaps I need to invite my cousin over this weekend.  She is a good person.
I need to adopt a child.  It is the thing in me, which comes back over and over.
Does hubby want to adopt…No.  *sigh*

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  1. I love these random thoughts. A little peep into your secret mind.
    Today has been sooooooooooooo boring. Things are so slow here. If I knew it were at all possible I would say I’ve read the entire Internet, LOL.
    Liam still remembers just he & I going for a picnic once. Although we are often all together it was nice actually planning to do something, just us two. Now “our time” is volunteering at Save-A-Pet each week.
    Good luck with the party planning. You are always so handy with them.
    Not nice to fight with hubby. We fight, have our say, and that’s that.
    Hmmm, I’ve never thought of adopting. We maintain we want to give Liam the best of everything. Yes, he is spoiled but that’s our choice.
    Have a good weekend

  2. In all of this, I felt like you could be writing about MY life! Hahaha. Do your parents live close by??? The ninja party will be epic! At one that we went to, they painted the faces of the kids like ninjas and it’s SO easy to do and the kids of course love it. How are things on the work front?

  3. Your post made me think of a little meme I saw once saying a woman’s head is like an internet browzer with a gazillion open tabs… mine certainly feels like it and it looks I’m not the only one :p
    Enjoy the Turtles party planning, that is fun!

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