Changes again.


Here I am, working out my notice period.  The opportunity came along, I said yes and  have a new job waiting.  The work hours are better, the salary is better and he understands mothers have life outside the office.  That was the biggest selling point for us.

Honeybear is loving school and I love that.  They have started learning phonics and I am looking forward to him reading.  His swimming lessons are worrying because he has regressed so far with the new teacher.  I have tried talking to the teacher, but she is being evasive. I have given her one more chance to be open about the lessons and then I will take it to the principal.  If I spoke to any other teacher about HB, I could have an open conversation with a teacher who understands my concerns and knows how to deal with nutty parents like myself.  The swim teacher seems to forget she is not running a kingdom, but a school for children with parents.

Hubby is also in a new position, which is an opportunity for him to prove himself.  Changes all around us, and I look forward to it.  He is managing his challenge, because it is a challenging position, and I think he will grow a lot here, even if the hours suck.

My house that I am working on privately is going well, and I look forward to the finished product.  I don’t particularly like doing houses, but it is extra money and easy enough to do.  The clients are lovely and they have this little cute toddler and I want to see them love their new house.

I love reading all your blogs, please write more.



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  1. Wow, and good changes which is excellent news. So happy about the new job. It is so important to find a box that understands that we are mothers as well as employees. My boss is like that, so lekker.
    Hmm on the swim teacher and obviously HB isn’t enjoying her either. Perhaps a move is needed there too?

    • If bosses can sometimes see we are whole people, not just work people, it would help.
      Cannot move swimming, it is now part of the school fees and happens at school. I sent her an email, will see.

  2. So chuffed that you have a new job!! Congratulations!!!
    Maybe find another swim school?? We have such a nice teacher. Laura’s Swimming School.

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