The second day of school.

This morning was my first school drop off for the year.  I did not do the first day of school.  I knew I would cry.  Honeybear would think his mother is crazy, and I did not want to upset him by crying.  There is just something about first days that get to me.  So hubby did the drop-off yesterday and snapped some pictures for me of my smiling baby.

This morning I dropped him off without any trouble.  I am out of practice.  It was such a rush!

I was up early, doing my usual thing.  Then I decide to laundry, water the plants (with the recycled laundry water).  Then I find Honeybear’s lunch bag had not been emptied the night before so I had to wash juice bottles and boxes.  Quickly throw together the lunch and get us out the door (while tracking down the errant kitten).

We get in the car, for me to see Honeybear is holding his hand…something not right.  I find out the cat scratched him.  I then have to get him back out his seat, into the house…clean up the scratches, antihistamine cream and plasters (thankfully I still had Pluto plasters floating at the top of the box).  All that meant I was ten minutes late.  THE TRAFFIC!!!!

There was just about no parking inside the school, getting back out was a nightmare, and then there was a traffic incident (with about 5 tow trucks blocking three lanes).  I managed to make it to the office just after eight (so I was late which is a big deal here).

Monday is my turn again and I will be sure to be better organised.

There is the one Mom who is super well put together.  Perfect sexy body, clothes and three gorgeous kids.  She drops them off wearing her stilettos too.  This morning there she was, in the parking lot, trying to get her 5 year old to co-operate, put on his shoes and walk to class.  Then she gets him going, to find she is missing a lunch bag.  I felt for her, because hers looked much worse than my one five year old who needed plasters.  Even the best mommies have crazy mornings.  I am so glad I only have to do it every second morning.

I am sure it will be less crazy next week. All the schools would have settled down. 


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  1. LOL, shame man, thought it was just me. I remember I couldn’t leave Liam with the IL’s on his first day after my maternity leave. And then I took a day off when he started Grade 1 last year. What is it with us Mums hey? But I think it’s normal. Far too many of us do it for it to be weird.
    Don’t know if it’s the same everywhere, but don’t you find parents driving around the school are shocking? No one gives anyone a gap to get out and they race around the street. I’m always appalled.
    HAHA, even the most well-kept Mums are secretly crying inside. Except Deblet, who we know has done this things hundreds of times *wink wink* 😉
    Hope HB has a very successful 2017. He really does sound like he is coming out of his shell

  2. Oh gosh, that’s a big rough! And so true – we all have our horror mornings. I pack everything the night before – so I just take lunch bags out of the fridge. It does help a bit

  3. Hope little Honeybear is having fun at school!
    Yes, mornings are crazy here too, it’s such a mission getting the kids out of bed, and get them dressed and do everything that needs to be done. I’m just glad that Shae still has breakfast at school and we don’t have to fit that in as well.

  4. Shame man, traffic was crazy last week, hoping this week is better. I pack everything the night before usually, had too many mornings where I rushed out the door forgetting half of the stuff at home.

    Hope HB is having loads of fun at school xx

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