Honeybear has a new pet…a kitten.  Thankfully kittens are easy to toilet train, now for our existing cat to accept it into the household. Currently it seems to hate that cute little kitten.

Honeybear starts Grade R this year and I look forward to him being able to read himself.  A whole world opened for me, when I was able to read to myself.  He loves books and loves being read to. Yesterday Hubby and I spent hours organising Honeybear’s room.  We secretly moved out the toys that are broken and those we decided to give away.

We stopped by the plastic store,  closed our eyes and just bought the clear plastic storage boxes.  They are the best way to keep his things organised.  The clear boxes mean you can see into it, without looking through all of them.  I have concluded this child of mine has far too many books, toys and puzzles, etc. for one child.  We need to stop buying.  Also, a rule of in means out must apply.
I love those plastic storage boxes so much, I am going to get some for my sewing and craft things as well.  I have to go through my sewing and craft things.  They are all over the place, since we decided to lose the one storage cupboard to make more space. ( I just need to have less).
Even hubby sees that when things are organised we all feel much better.  I know that he did not understand when I say that things are all over the place, and it disturbs my peace.  Honeybear’s room is now a pleasant place to be. There are no dangerous pieces of Lego waiting for barefeet.
Onward to school this week…tomorrow is the parents meeting and hopefully we are geared to meet it all.

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  1. I love those storage boxes. Liam has 4 under his bed for cars, old lego, trains and train tracks. There are another for toolbox type ones on the table for new Lego. Those toolbox ones are great because if you are anal like us, you can sort the Lego by colours. Maybe I must take a pic of that. Also great for stationery and the like. I would have storage boxes for everything but every now and then I have to make do with an ice-cream tub. It’s so nice to see where everything is
    I hear you on “needing to have less”
    Yay on Grade R. I hope HB has a ball.

  2. Play with a fishing toy for cats with both of them, that helped that time when we adopted Nikita, with our Minx, they will still growl at each other, but after a few nights/days things does get better.

    I love storage boxes, I think if I could have storage boxes for everything I would be in heaven, LOL.

    Wow, cannot believe your little man is getting so big, Grade R already, time flies. Hope he enjoys every little bit of his new school year.

    It is crazy how out of order we feel when everything is in a mess, our spare room (which was sorted out a few months ago has once again become the “storage” room, and it is driving me insane, hubby also mentioned this morning that he wants to start throwing out some stuff, and also clean up his toolshed, so seems like we both have some hard work ahead of us, but all for the good. Taking it one area at a time.

    • We left them in the house together and all was well when we got home. Today, the older one chose to stay outside. I am also falling in love with storage boxes!
      One area at a time is a good way to go, then you actually get somewhere.

    • Sorta there on instagram. I don’t think I posted too many pictures. I joined up for Cat’s doodle challenge.
      Lol, on the parents meeting. We have to sit in those little kiddie chairs!

      • LOL, last year we sat on the carpet. No ways I can fit on those teeny chairs. Liam says his new Grade 2 class has bigger chairs & tables. Looking forward not to have to struggle to get up off the floor, haha

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