Where I am now?  It has been a hard year for me in terms of work.  I always seem to be having work issues it seems.  The last place really agonised me.

I left a place I had been at for a long time.  I needed to.  I could not afford to work there because Hubby and I were literally counting the cents. I loved the people and atmosphere, etc…but the money was the deciding factor.

Next place offered the salary I asked, only to be unable to afford anyone’s salary six months down the line.  Also, I found out they were doing not so kosher business dealings.  I had to leave.

The next place was desperation.  Once again everything seemed fine, until they told me how unhappy they were with my work.  I was flabbergasted as I had never been in such a situation before.  I was a broken woman.  So I just found another job and left.  I later found out they were going down the tubes and could not afford salaries.  They did end up washed out, had to close down the business and the owner was shot by a disgruntled client.

My current place seemed great.  I was really happy. I over compensated a bit and worked so very hard, in case anyone thought I was not a good worker.  I was really broken by the previous place telling me they were not happy with me.  It went fine for about a year and then things started to seriously go down hill.  Temper tantrums from the boss.  Shouting and swearing and screaming.  I was so shocked.  I thought it was me, only to think about it more and see that no one should behave in that way.  It is never right.  It happened to everyone (except the favourite).  It is crazy.  No one feels safe.  And then when the one sane boss also lost it, I thought it was time.  I could have no self respect to accept that kind of behavior.  The last straw was being shouted at by the boss for something that was not my fault.  With no opportunity to explain.  The other one sat there and watched, knowing it was not me.  And when it was resolved that it was not me, but him that made this disaster, no apology was forthcoming for the bad behavior. To make matters worse, they told our client that it was me that did everything wrong.  Me?  I did not even work in that office when the disaster was made.  I had raised my concerns and it was pushed away.  To make it worse, other professionals in the field (we work with them)…they think our office is a joke. Our directors are without vision (I was told so directly).  They have no future plan.  The company is stagnating.  What to say when you are told this?  I said nothing because you do not talk bad about your office.

The last week of work, I was called for an interview with another office.  I am so unsure.  All my decisions since I have left the first place have been so far off the mark.  I have researched all I can research.  Why do they need staff?  Are they also crazy and all the staff is leaving?  Are they so successful that they need new people? How do I make the right decisions? Granted, I do not have the job, just an interview.

I have a week left to figure it out.


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  1. Such uncertainty. You never know, maybe another move is the right move. Surely it can’t be worse than where you are now?
    So grateful that I have been at a great company for 20 years. My first permanent job. Sure, I can’t advance in the company, but I am secure in my position and we have never had payment problems. I work hard and the boss knows it, so I am secure in the fact that he doesn’t want to lose me
    Good luck with whatever decision you make. Ask all your questions at the interview. Let us know how things go
    Have a good new year

    • I am also leaning toward, can it really be worse than this? I want a 20 year job. I really do…Helen why are you in here? Tomorrow we are driving to your end of the world. I am praying for the strength to survive the in laws. Lol (really they are not so bad).

      • Yeah, I really fell with my bum in the butter here. Boss is great and I met hubby here. Still working happily together. I hope you can find a place that treats you as well as you deserve.
        LOL, I’m trying to sort out the crap that people did in the 2 weeks that I wasn’t here. They say “Don’t worry, we’ll handle it” but no one does your job quite as well as you hey? Also just processing month end stuff. I hope to be gone in about 2 hours. HOPE
        Drive safe, enjoy your stay in PE. What suburb will you be staying in?

  2. I say go for it, the best decision career wise I made had to go through 2 stuff ups before I found my now job, where I am happy (most of the time). Just the usual office nonsense also caused by people acting like children, but the big boss is steady on her feet and knows how to deal with it.

    If it does turn out to be worse, you can always just look out for something new again, never give up on living your dream, you will find your happy many years job, but don’t sit in a miserable place not feeling it, you are ruining your days/months/years and life by sitting and eating up all the nonsense.

  3. Do you pray? Ask God to guide your decisions and (my trick) if it’s not to be, to make that VERY clear and upfront before you uproot yourself.

    And then I’ve had people say crazy things in interviews (awesome – because then i phoned the recruitment agent and said No way in hell!) 🙂

    Best of luck.

    PS I always feel like people are at least worth a chat! You can spot a lot of crazy by arriving a bit early and watching the people there, and then keep your eyes open and ask the hard questions because remember, you need to interview back just as hard as they’re interviewing you.

  4. Tough decision, but you have been so unhappy of late, maybe this is an opportunity knocking at just the right time? Good luck with the interview!

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