The last few weeks….and I cannot wait for them to be over.  I remember how hard I worked this time last year.  It was the heatwave, and I had five weeks, every day of solid site inspections. It was tough, but I did it.
This year is equally as tough, not physically, but emotionally.  The bosses seem to have gone slightly mad this year, and it seems to be worsening as we get closer to the end of the year.  This year has taught me a lot about the kind of person that I am.  I am not good at dealing with the emotional nature of other people.  I am happier when everyone is on even keel, without their emotions spilling all over the place.  I just do not want to know about it.
Makes me insensitive?  My emotions are always on a tight rein.  I generally save my spilling out when I am in private, or with hubby.  He is the only one, actually.  Even he does not see it all….I tend to keep it to myself….and this is why all the emotional stress that spills out in the office is making me so uncomfortable.
I just feel that this is an office environment, and that we need to deal with this stuff outside the office, not over and onto everyone else. It feels like a volcano has erupted all over us and we have to grin and bear it while we are being covered with ash, lava and falling rock.
Well, it is learning experience, and I hope that I discover some tools to help me deal with it.
I had a chat with Honeybear’s teacher yesterday morning about his progress, and she was very confident that he is managing fine and there is no need to keep him back a year.  She said that after the shaky start to the year, he has found his spot and is able to keep up and has achieved the milestones required of him.  She also complimented hubby and I on the home tutoring.  She says it is evident in his class work, that we have been working with him at home (it is good to know we are all managing to get it right).
On a sad note for my little one…his bestie is leaving the school.  The teacher wanted to mention it to me because she said the two are so attached, he is sure to miss her.  He is very protective over this girl, the teacher said to us.  I was never one for besties, so it was nice to see my little one managing where I had failed.  I am sure he will build other lasting relationships, as the kids will grow together.  They are only five!
Our kitchen revamp is almost done and I cannot wait to go cook something with my new stove.  We have been planning this revamp for a year, and it is lovely to see it finally coming together.
Back to grind stone!

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  1. Good to hear from you again.
    You’ve described emotions so well, like volcanos spilling out over the ‘innocent” haha. I must say, I erupt all the time, I have trouble keeping my mouth shut about things that make me unhappy 🙂
    Yay on HB’s good progress in the year, and good on you and hubby for making the home tutoring work. Sometimes kids just need that little bit extra. Sad to hear that his bestie is leaving but if there is one thing I’ve learned in Grade on, Liam never has a bestie. One weeks bestie is the next weeks enemy. HB will make new friends, especially seeing that his confidence has taken a boost this year.
    Love a new kitchen! I remember Dh having me grout our kitchen during the December holidays when I was about 8 weeks pregnant. I felt so ill, weak from hunger and naergeid (?) but we did it.

    • This year I have been working very hard on keeping my mouth shut and just letting things go.
      I know, he is doing great confidencewise this year.
      Lol, I am trying to find a tiler so I do not have to do it. We tiled three years ago, and my hands were so sore, trimming the tiles. Now we have to take down those tiles 😦

  2. Shame – I’m really sorry about your work situation 😦 Good one on Honeybear though, how comforting to get such a good response from teacher – well done parents 🙂 Also feeling a bit worried on the friend department with Ethan. He’s staying where he is next year but the majority of the class are moving on either because parents want them to “feed” from the new grade R directly into grade 1, or because older siblings are already at the school where the grade R is so it makes sense. They’re going from a class of 25 to…9!!! I already know that most of his “soccer boys” as he calls them, are moving on next year. Fortunately, he has quite a few friends and not just one or two. I already know one of them that’s staying, so hoping that the change goes down well with him 🙂

    • Work is work and not the all of my life. So I will survive. Ethan sounds comfortingly social. 25 to 9 is a bog drop. HB’s class will grow a little because I think they do 20 in the next grade. Also, the classes get mixed up and a few new faces will appear.

  3. Oh I hate emotions in the office and really try and keep things on the business like front.

    How cute that he has a girl as a best friend. A also had a by best friend in pre school. I am sure he will adapt well.

  4. Wow great to hear from you.
    Work sounds hectic.
    New kitchen amazing hope it’s finished soon.
    Poor kiddo having his friend leave but small kids do so quickly make new friends.

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