Year end.

I can finally breathe again.  The crazy boss is away on holiday so we only have to deal with the other civilized one. What a huge difference! As they say” like chalk and cheese”

The office is calmer and less frenetic.  Everyone knows what we are doing, without being micromanaged.  Things are getting done and everyone feels positive about life in general.  I feel better knowing it is not me.  I even had a compliment about the quality of my documentation.  Now I can smile and not let it go to my head, because at this age, if my documentation is not up to scratch, I have a huge problem.

Honeybear has found his groove (which he always does by the end of the year).  He can count, write to an extent, dress himself, use the toilet unsupervised ( I love that he can wipe himself without me anymore), recognize some alphabets, is comfortable with people, can swim.
Swimming…he is learning stroke now, and I am amazed how far we have come in the last few months.  He is actually learning different strokes, which I never thought I would see. He has telephone conversations with his grandparents, intelligently.   I think there is a lot to be said for keeping kids back a year until they catch-up age wise.  In hind sight, perhaps we should have kept him back a year…we will have this conversation with his teacher and see if we should.
Hubby is doing great at work and he and I have finally found our groove again.
After Honeybear was born, we just never seemed to have enough time and then we settled, and this year it fell apart when we moved to big school.  However, we are back on track, less in each others hair and more in each others arms.
We have a busy holiday season ahead, with the plan to visit all four grandparents, my extended family and Hubby’s extended family.  It is going to be crazy driving all over between  Pretoria Durban and PE, but we need to do this.  Hubby has lost touch with all his family and I am determined that this needs to end.
The end of the year is in site, and I am excited about having a break, reconnecting with family, organizing Christmas treasure hunts and birthday parties, organizing Santa and just having fun.
I love it!

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  1. Oh yay! So glad to hear you’re in such a good space 🙂 It’s amazing how a few small little changes can make such a huge difference. Roll on the holidays…hopefully the family time makes it enjoyable.

  2. Aw man, this is such a positive post. It’s so nice to read 🙂
    Just goes to show you that is WAS indeed the other boss working everyone up. Still, it’s not nice when everyone has to pussyfoot around a grump.
    I’m thrilled to hear of HB’s progress. He sounds so confident. Much different to the little boy I’m used to reading of. Being emotionally ready is not the same as being age ready. There is a little boy who is only 3 months younger than Liam in age, but the emotional difference between the two of them is HUGE. So while Liam has gone on to Grade 1, his little friend did Grade R again. Do what you feel is right in this regard.
    What is it with men and their family? I also try to keep in touch with mine, drama and all, but DH just wants to run away. He reckons they only phone him when they need something, which I suppose is true of all family really. Apparently his brother is coming over from OZ soon and he has told me to forget about any family get togethers, he is not interested.
    Oh dear, sorry about the blog response.

  3. Oh what a happy post! I am all for keeping kids back if necessary – I mean we did the extreme of this – kept one of a set of twins back and let the other one go on. It’s been our best decision ever.

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