I am waiting for the end of the year so eagerly.  I cannot wait to be on holiday.  Being in the office every other day at five int he morning is really taking its toll on my body physically.  The vitamins are just not up to these long days anymore.

The bosses are slightly mad, but we have accepted it as part of the office culture.  The latest is that we must do away with paper diaries and notebooks. That will not work for me and I have said that my diary is too personal.  At least I was not the only one feeling this way.  I think they had not thought about the fact that we diarise things that have  nothing to do with the office.

Honeybear is having really full days, with swimming every evening, so the poor child is pretty wiped by bedtime.  We have moved it up a bit and let him sleep as long as possible in the mornings.  How on earth are these little kids supposed to manage all these activities, plus having mom and dad teach them at home.  I can only manage there is more going on, the older they get.  I have even had to stop our jungle gym visits after school.  That little body just needs a rest.

Hubby is the sweet darling he always is.  He has been so supportive of me and the endless cuddles and massages are the best ever. We have been juggling crazy work hours and I really miss not having any kind of support structure other than hubby and I.  At least holiday care is sorted this year.  Honeybear is looking forward to it.  He loves it, which is so different from a  year ago, when he cried in every new situation.

I have been following Marcia’s posts on paying of your bond in five years.  While I think that we are kind of stuck at the moment, it will not be forever.  We manage the little extra every month and it makes a huge difference. With the last three interest rate hikes, we have been safe, in that we had paid off enough extra, that the jump ups were not too serious.

So Hubby and I have the challenge of reducing the grocery budget.  It is working well so far, in that all meals are planned ahead (with crazy work hours, neither one of us cooks during the week, so meal planning has many advantages for us). We are also working out new recipes for ourselves.  The last thing we want is icky budget food no one wants to eat.  Spending on a few good ingredients is far more cost effective, than cheap icky stuff that lies there rotting.  It just kills morale and enthusiasm.

Another unseen advantage of cooking bulk, ahead, is the electricity and water usage.  We have less dishes to do, because there is no cookware to wash up, just the crockery and cutlery we used to eat.  Also, we are just reheating, not heating up the oven or stove from scratch.  Less hot water is being used.  Cooking bulk also means less trips to the store, as there is no need to do a shop during the week, unless it is milk. ( we drink so much milk in our house)

And with all this inspiring “I can do” things going on in our budget, I feel more motivated about losing the weight I want to lose.

We all need to feel inspired all the time.  It helps us get through the rough patches.  Here is to INSPIRATION.


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  1. You sound a lot more upbeat. So glad to hear 🙂 5am mornings in the office???!!!! OMW! That surely is not sustainable? And I bet you don’t even get to leave early at that place 😦 How come Honeybear has swimming every night and not a night or two a week? I’m also patiently waiting for December leave but am much less warn out that you are by the sounds of things. May the time quickly pass. And thanks for the link to the bond repayment. I missed this post somehow and have been begging Marcia to do it forever.

  2. You sound so positive in this post. Much better than the last post.
    Ag, you know, work is work, and if we can’t do anything about it we must just suck it up and take it.
    Fortunately Liam doesn’t have a packed schedule at the moment, but yes, the days are long for such a little person. Liam also passes out at the end of the day.
    Sounds like HB is getting more confident what with being excited about holiday care. It really is nice having a confident kid.
    I just cannot get myself into gear for cooking for the freezer. I mean, what do you cook exactly? I can only think of casseroles that my Mum used to do for us. I can see how it would save a lot of time and effort during the week. We have becoming masters of the quick meal, so dinner rarely takes us more than 30 minutes to prepare. LOL, Liam and I also drink copious amounts of milk 🙂

    • I know, HB is really starting to bloom and it warms my heart when he spontaneously greets someone. Hmmm…this weekend I cooked a heap…and more than just casseroles. I will write you a post.

  3. I hear you on 05h00 office start,I do this in the holidays so I have time later in the day to spend time with the girls.
    Always good to get a jump on your bond repayments it really is a huge expense

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