What do we want to say?

The drought..are there people out there who actually believe the drought does not include them.  They feel nothing about taking good drinking water and washing their car.  The water can be used to keep their grass green.

These people make me ill.  Have they no thought or feeling for those people who have no food because they have no water.  They have no morals, because for me it is a lack of morals and ethics.

Yes you can have the water in your tap, and we pay to have that water int he tap, however, we are also human beings.  We should think about those people out there suffering because they have no water. We should think twice about what we do and what we are saying to the world out there about the person that we are, when we just throw good drinking water onto our cars.

Actions are what tells the world about the people that we are actually.

I hope to set a good example and to raise my child to be a caring human being.  I want him to know that by creating a better life for one, we create a better life for all.

Walking by that person washing their car, and doing nothing about, also makes me a person who does not care enough to make the world a better place for all of us.

So today I am doing something about it.


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  1. Yep, they think that because they pay for it that it is never-ending. Doesn’t matter if you pay or not. I tell Liam that the Fire Brigade has called because they have run out of water when his showers are too long.
    Last week I wanted to stop my car, pick up a plastic bottle, and tap it on the window of the car from which it came flying out of. Get’s my goat.

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