Moving along.


It really is time that I write something positive again. It is so easy to wallow in self pity. I am in control of my life and nothing is impossible.

Honeybear was ill and we had to cancel the birthday party. I am disappointed, but we will make something of it later. The weather was really bad this weekend, so it all worked out for the best. Honeybear just wants cupcakes for all his friends, just so they know it his birthday. I will organise that with his teacher.

Hubby and I are just cuddling him a little extra, because he had been sick. Hubby is doing well at work, and fingers crossed that he is in line for the promotion he had been working towards. Hubby works so hard, it will feel good to him to know he is achieving something.
My work situation has given me much to think about. I cannot blame the boss completely, because every situation has two sides. I need to dissect it a bit more, because there is obviously something that I am doing or not doing right. I just have not worked that out yet. There is little point in talking to him, as he will not offer anything. I will definitely not stay there, but I have to take my time to find something else. He probably knows it too. I just cannot do another incident of screaming criticism and tears again. So I will keep my fingers crossed that we can all be civilized and part as amiable colleagues, at the very least.

I am counting down to December holidays and I an looking forward to time with my family.

Have a great new week bloggies.


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  1. Aw man, poor HB. I hope he is on the mend. It was in the paper a few weeks back that a PE man was flown to JHB due to having swine flu (saw you commented somewhere that what was suspected in HB) Sometimes a simple cupcake is the best.
    Good to hear hubby is doing well at work. Don’t dissect your situation at work too much looking for something that is YOUR fault. Sometimes it’s just about the other person and not you. Hope you find something better

    • Thanks Helen. It is weird how panicked people are still about the virus, but really, it is OK for most people. No one is dying from it at HB’s school. They just get a high fever.

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