Birthday parties

Busy is all of us at this time of hear.  The office is still a bit crazy but it is what it is.  We are busy organising Honeybear’s 5th birthday party and I am having stress about it, while still having fun.

All the RSVP’s are in.  This year I did the WhatsApp invites, and they worked really well.  All the RSVP’s came in before time and it was so easy to do.  Perhaps some people still prefer the paper invite, however, these just get lost at the bottom of the school bag.  The paper ones we did receive, were followed up with a WhatsApp anyway.  We had to be reminded to look at the bottom of the bag.

Next week I will confirm which siblings and parents are attending and let them know how to get there.

The savoury food is all under control.  This week I will have to do the sweet stuff and ensure Hubby is on track with the cake.  The bouncy entertainment is organised (this took some doing).

I have organised that Honeybear go playdate with a friend that morning.  I want him to arrive at the party and see everything all set up.

I think I am looking forward to this more than anyone else.  I love organising kids parties.  I love making the party packs and cookies and cake and food and decor.  We had a visiting IT guy in the office and he was listening to my party planning.  He said that it sounds like the party he always wanted.  His parents did not do themed parties…I hope Honeybear looks back and knows we had fun.

I would have liked a photographer, but she is not available.  This year my plan is to be at the venue early so I can do the set up I want.  The last time I did not have enough time to get everything organised before my guests arrived.  I have tried to do as much of the food prep as possible and then I only have to stick them onto the trays with the fresh ingredients.  Hopefully this will wok out.  I have stuck with food I know and have cooked before.

Off the birthdays….I was talking to a school Mom and she has a girl in Honeybear’s grade and an older son.  Honeybear was playing with them while we chatted and off we went to our cars and home.  Honeybear says to me that the girl has her own friend ( referring to the older brother)…he asked if we can get a baby so he can have his own friend too…..that kind of shook my very firm decision to have only one child.

It pulled at my heart a bit, he obviously feels lonely sometimes.  I am still certain that one child is the right decision and I do not think much about it anymore.  I think I am almost at the “too old” to have more stage.

Honeybear will have his regrets, and I know hubby will too…and sometimes even me.

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  1. I can’t believe HB is 5 already. Good luck with the party.
    Just this morning Liam said “My mommy” and gave me a smushy kiss. I said “Yes, and you don’t have to share me with anyone”. Thankfully I also consider myself to be “too old for anymore”. Don’t be pushed to change your mind. We see all the things that Liam is able to have because he is an only child and the neighbours with 3 kids can’t have because there simply isn’t enough to go around, and that includes the attention of a parent.

  2. Wow, the party sounds great. You know you should not talk about him being an only child to me – I am one and up to today even more then I was little I hate it. No cousin or married siblings are like a sibling of your own. You are basically alone in this world when your parents are gone.

  3. I also have a lot of fun planning parties – so enjoy it! I wish I could give Nicky a sibling, although I am a bit old, I still dream about it… School fees are expensive though.

  4. I know how much you love the party planning – enjoy every minute of it!

    Agree with the whatsapp invites… but we don’t get the people’s cell phone numbers. Fortunately, from people RSVPing, I now have quite a bit of people’s cell numbers 🙂 🙂

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