Today is a good day

Today is my birthday. I love birthdays and think everyone needs a special day just for themselves. Who makes that day special?…you have to do it for yourself,  everyone is responsible for their own happiness and you should never rely on anyone to be the conduit for your own happiness.

Hubby bought earrings and a bracelet.  While they are pretty, I guess, I would not have chosen it for myself.  I rarely wear bracelets, but I guess he did not notice that since Honeybear was born, I stopped wearing bracelets and necklaces.  It is impractical at the moment and HB has ended up breaking them, hence I stopped wearing these items.

Yes I wish Hubby knew me a little better and I was a little peeved, and then I had a think about it.  Buying birthday gifts is not a test of his love for me. I know he loves me and he shows it in a hundred other ways, I really should not concentrate on the one thing he got wrong today.  I am wearing the earrings, even if I do not like it.  It makes him feel happy to see me wearing these that he picked out for me and hoped I would like.  He made the effort to wrap them and hide them in places I would find today so I would get  little surprises as I went about my normal morning.  That is sweet and thoughtful.

Today is my birthday and I am happy.  I made my own cake (because I wanted a specific something that I am good at making).  Today is my birthday and I am OK that there are no fireworks.  I am content with all that I have…because I had a really bad day last Friday which put into perspective my life…I have so much to be happy and thankful for.

On Friday it could have been the end for me, but it was not.  Today I will quietly celebrate the fact that I am alive and healthy to celebrate. 

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  1. Happy Birthday MC. I hope you have a fabulous day.
    I too have not worn earings or necklaces since Liam was born. Perfume too. Funny how we just plod along.
    It was thoughtful of hubby though, and that he took the time to hide them for you, very sweet
    Hugs MC

  2. Happy birthday MC! I hear you on the gifts but you know what – go out and get yourself something – it doesn’t have to be big but make yourself feel special.

    I’m completely with you on the thought that you are responsible for your own happiness – I realise it more and more and more.


  3. Happy happy birthday MC! I hope you have a wonderful year. And I do think although he might not have the gift spot on, the idea and intention was perfect. Surprises just for you and jewellery = just for you. Not something for the house. And you may just start to wear these things in a very short while again as HB grows up.

  4. Our birthdays are only 3 days apart 🙂 A very happy birthday to you. I am so happy to hear you are okay and nothing bad happened to you on Friday. Glad your hubby is spoiling you and making your day special! And wrapping your pressie! Bwahaha my hubby just used one of the old gift bags from Jamie’s birthday – Hot Wheels nogal 😀
    Enjoy your day! May the year ahead be filled with wonderful things, because you are a special, sweet person who deserves it. xx

  5. Happy birthday! E stopped with presents a long time ago and now just make sure I don’t have to cook even if it is take aways.

  6. Happy Birthday, MC! Have a good evening, and enjoy some family time. (And you know what, maybe it is time to start wearing necklaces and bracelets again! HB is growing up now.)

  7. Happy birthday for yesterday! All the best people have birthdays this week 😉

    I 100% agree with making your birthday whatever you need – I love that you made your own cake. My love language is not gifts but since this is what people do, I always have a list if people ask… and then most ignore things I really need and buy more of the things I have plenty of 🙂

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