Birds, bees and politics

Honeybear has been asking where babies come from, and specifically where he came from.  I explained very simplistically, that we wanted him, and he grew inside me and the doctor helped get him out.  Which seems to satisfy his need for an answer.

I was sitting thinking about it, and I cannot imagine how that little being was actually inside.  It is the most amazing thing ever.  Your body helping another human grow.

I cannot imagine how it all happened, and that we actually had a hand in making this amazing human being.

This little human being, is very tired these days.  Still struggling to adjust to no day time naps.  He was asleep by 18h30 yesterday.  I find that I have to get him fed and washed almost immediately that we walk into the house, because he just wants his bed.

They are not having a long winter holiday (because the only have three terms), but he will get a five day break, which I think he needs.

At least this time around we did find holiday care, because all the other schools are on holiday as well.

The swimming school is also taking a month break (because all the other kids are away on holiday).

My family is going away for a long weekend, and we opted not to join them.  I think my older sister does not understand and is a little upset. She does not understand that Honeybear is not on along school holiday, I cannot get leave, Hubby cannot get leave, we save out leave for the school holidays.  We do not have grandparents and aunts available to take care of our child, hence we have to do it ourselves or pay someone.  Paying someone gets very expensive, so expensive family holidays are not big on our list of things.

I also do not like my BIL, and do not want to voluntarily share space with him.  It is no secret I do not like him, and I have told him so, so no one can pretend not to know.

There is politics everywhere.  In the streets with people burning and protesting, in the office with other people being fired, in the family with upset sisters. 


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  1. Yes, it is truly amazing how we grew these little children inside us. I look at Liam taking up nearly his whole bed and can’t believe he was so small. Seems like just yesterday.
    I can’t believe HB doesn’t nap at school. Liam’s school only dropped their nap in Grade R. Shame man, he must be shattered in the evening. And then they get grumpy and nothing can pacify them when they are tired.
    Thank goodness we have holiday care lined up. Its fab that the aftercare does holiday care, it just makes sense, I mean how much leave do people think we working parents have?
    Having family issues myself so I know where you are coming from. I feel like batting my Mum around the head………………
    Hugs MC, have a fabulous weekend. And give HB a huge hug also. What a little man

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