Where are we going?

I am really upset with Hubby right now.  He works for one the largest retailers in Africa.  They had to close early yesterday, because there was not enough staff to keep the store open.  This week has been a crazy one for Pretoria.  People are afraid for their safety.

This morning, they still do not have a full staff complement.  He tells me the missing staff will be “dealt with”

Really?  Have we lost all our compassion and understanding?  Are we also joining the lines of crazy because we are losing our humanity?  We may not be out there burning and protesting, but it is just the same, if we show a lack of understanding.

We are not the ones living out there in these areas, with crazy people protesting and burning down buses and clinics.  We are not the ones relying on public transport.  We are not the ones who are on the breadline.  We are not the ones whose kids walk home from school alone.  Just because we do not live those lives, this does not mean we cannot understand and have some compassion for the situation.

It makes me so mad when people refuse to understand and to see the other side.  These are people my husband works with every day.  These are the people he is supposed to manage.  How can he be so heartless?  How can he not know these people he interacts with, every single day.

How can we ignore the context of our lives.  How can we just care about the rands and cents and not the people.

We are a world going mad, and not in the most obvious way. 


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