Creepy things


Our house is attracting too many creepy things. I am going to crack. Lol. Two weeks ago it was a dove. Honeybear and I got home to a bird trapped in the house. I was in tears and terrified. Eventually I got it to fly out.
Tonight it is a bat. It always seems to happen when hubby is not here.  I called hubby to beg him to come home and rescue us.  That did not work. Honeybear and I moved into my bedroom, left all the lights on and shivered in fear of a baby bat smaller than my thumb.
I heard the neighbors come home and I asked him to please help. They came by, picked it up and let it loose outside. Need to bake him a cake.
What next? I think they must be roosting nearby, because the neighbors also had a bat in the house.
Rationally I know they will not hurt me, but I cannot get past the fear. Think it is time we update the cat’s rabies shots. Just in case.


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  1. LOL, by now I’m a dab hand at catching bats. We have them in our roof and in the cavities between the walls. My big Koi net comes in handy catching them, but I do laugh at the cat who looks like some phsyco(?) cat with his head spinning around 🙂

    • I cannot contemplate getting close to the things. It is good that it is cold, I have closed every window.
      I was afraid for the cat, rabies is a real thing. I threw her out for her own protection.

      • A bat is a bat is a bat, how would I know if that thing (no bigger than my thumb) is a fruit bat? It was in my house and it was a bat…all I can think that it is going to give the cat rabies and fly into my hair….Lol…told you it is irrational. I am nuts about anything that flies or crawls. I lose all reason.

    • Lol, it is funny, and hubby laughed at me too, especially when I said the dove was looking at me. I know I sound ridiculous. I have never fainted, but I get pretty close to hysterical.

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