I was so crazy angry on Saturday morning.  I was trying to get to a swimming lesson for Honeybear, only to find all the roads in that direction closed.  Yes there was a much longer way to get there, but by then we were too late. I was livid.  It was some running event.

It is great that people run and it was for a great cause, however, there was no notice, nothing.  We just drive out the gate to find everything in chaos, and the idiot marshals were completely useless.  This is when runners are injured, no proper planning of an event and angry motorists who have not been informed, hence they have not made an alternative plan.
We are supposed to share,  This is a basic thing our parents try to teach us.  Could the runners not have shared the road with the motorists?  Did all the road have to be closed, so that there was no alternative route available (not to mention that one road is already closed for road construction).  Do the organisers of these events not look at these things before planning this event and its route? This kind of disorganistaion just perpetuates the problems runners and cyclists have already.

I did not kill any runners, but I did shout at the metro police and the idiot marshals, because they knew zilch, when asked which was the way the car was supposed to drive, or which road was open.

I just think we all need to have some consideration, and runners and cyclists cannot bemoan the fact that motorists are inconsiderate, while showing the same inconsideration.

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  1. Sounds like poor planning all around. Even PE manages to put out a bulletin of sorts when there are cycling/running events. I can imagine you must’ve been fuming.
    Did you eventually get there or did you give up and go home?

    • Swimming lessons are only twenty minutes so I was too late. I normally give myself ten minutes to get there, because it is less than five minutes to get there normally. I made my way to the race start point to find out who organised it.

  2. Shame the poor runners were probably frantic with the poor organisation of it all! Not on when they have to pay to compete in races and not fair to the motorists either. Shame on the organisers.

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