Second term

We are back at school for the second term, and hoping it goes better than the first term for Honeybear, in terms of learning and being a part of the class group.

The home sessions are going well, and it is already part of the routine of our lives.  The chalkboard is great for all of us.  It reminds is what we need to do this week and everyone knows where they fit in.  The issue for me is finding good quality magnets.

Honeybear now knows all the days of the week (with my little dance…he is a child that seems to remember better when there is an action attached to the sound.) So it seems to be working.

I felt like we were the only ones who had this child that was not seamlessly fitting in with the class group.  I bumped into one of the Mom’s and she said her little one also was not fitting so well.  After the chat, we both felt better, it was not only our child.  I also heard from the teacher’s assistant that another little boy was also not coping so well.
It is nice to know you are not alone. Not that having school problems is good.
The office still gives me pause.  Is there another solution to this whole working Mom thing?  I hate the office infringing on my personal life and the disrespect that I actually have things to do outside.  Especially when I specifically said I could not do a late meeting on Thursday, I could only do it  Friday, and then my boss makes a late meeting for me on Thursday.  I wanted to cry.  I eventually agreed, on the condition that his PA could babysit while I was out.  So I fetched Honeybear early and left him with the PA.  I was hoping he would be loud and disruptive so they would never ask this of me again.  However, he was good and the other director came to compliment on my very good and sweet child.
I think they think I am being difficult.  Hubby and I have no on else to rely on in terms of childcare, but the two of us.  There are no aunts or grannies floating around who we can call in an emergency.  It is the three of us and no one else, unless we pay someone else.
We are lucky to have found the great ladies who work as teacher’s assistants.  We pay an arm and a leg, but at least we know that Honeybear is well taken care of when we call on them.
I am rambling here. 
Have a great day bloggies!

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  1. I would have declined the Thursday meeting! but that’s just me and I think that different companies are different too of course. So my situation may not be the same as yours. I work till 4, on the dot. If there is the odd meeting till 4:30, I’m happy to attend but I don’t accept any standing meetings that go on until 4:30 or later and I definitely don’t stay till after 4:30 ever. I’ll politely decline and don’t feel bad at all!! Glad things are looking good in your space 🙂

    • This is my thing too. I come in at six so I can leave at four. I understand that sometimes things just cannot be changed, if it is urgent, but a little understanding would be nice.
      HB is showing some sunshine.

  2. Good to hear from you again.
    I’m sure HB will settle in in good time. Perhaps he just isn’t emotionally ready for where he is now. But it sounds like you are doing all you can to settle him down. Yes, it is good to know that someone else has similar struggles. Lean on each other. It’s good to have a bitch and moan.
    I can’t help you on the work front. It just makes me feel all the more grateful for my boss who seems to have endless understanding since DH and I have become parents.
    Have a blessed week MC (())

    • I know. Work is not all bad, just some things don’t work for me…and I will work around it or make a change.
      It does feel good knowing you are not alone.

  3. Iam sure that he will settle in way better this term. Sometimes it takes just a bit of time for them. And I know hoe tough it is without family support – we are in that boat too

  4. Honeybear sounds like such a clever little boy! Hope the second term is a wonderful one for him and that he settles in nicely. Good luck with work, being a working mom is not easy, that’s for sure. I got seriously depressed after I returned to work after maternity leave after having Shae… still have not found my feet properly again and Shae is turning two!

  5. Great to see you.
    Sounds like all your effort with HB is paying off. Very true that not all kids take to school like fish to water they all have their ups and downs and you are not alone.Try having a left handed kid that has a whole bunch of issues.
    Being a working Mom always has its down sides,feel like men have it easy and we are made to feel guilty when we want to put our families first.
    Good luck with term 2

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