Crock Wock

 I can finally come up to breathe again, for a short while.  The office is still a madhouse, but maybe I am handling it by now?

Honeybear is still loving school, though he does not always want to do the stuff the class is doing.  His teacher says he will settle down in a few weeks.
I somehow ended up on the tea committee, so now I will have to spend Saturday morning making tea, at school.  It is their open day and the PTA moms make tea.  It is not too serious, how much tea could they drink, these new parents.
I am looking forward to making a costume for Honeybear.  The kids have to dress up as a character from a poem.  This is perfect.  We finished Roald Dahl and I think we are going to go as Crocky Wock the crocodile.  I did think of Eliot’s Jellicles, but I think there will be many cats, and Honeybear always asks that we read about the crocodile.
I am going to have fun putting that costume together.  This is my thing.  I can  make stuff, and I enjoy it,.  After all the work, it will be nice to do something fun, like putting together a costume.
I have been reviewing our budget (because I really need a new car).  I am good about the budget and making it work and ensuring we save, etc, and I think I may just do it.  My plan is to buy a new car without any credit.  My current car is in its 17th year.   It sounds nuts when I write it out like that.  However, it is pretty good and works well and all that stuff, but services are getting expensive now, which defeats the purpose of an older car.  When a car gets to a certain age, you cannot buy bits and pieces and service it cheap, because you now have to order brand new parts from Japan ( mine is a Japanese brand).  So if I have to pay for brand new imported Japanese parts, then I may as well drive a new car.
Surprisingly it is still considered a high risk car, because apparently people would like my old car.  Nice thing, it seems to have stopped depreciating (in terms of insurance).  Perhaps it is so old it has fallen off the list?
I am not looking forward to buying something new.  I do not like shopping, and I am the type that needs to research and visit and test drive a whole heap before I decide. It gets exhausting.
Anyway, at least I have something to look forward to.  At lunch time, I am going to look at fabric for that costume.  Love it!

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  1. Lots of lekker things happening – being creative and the excitement of a new car! Use the tea making time to network – it is always good to have a few moms as back-up for queries or even to just help out with Honeybear on the days that you are swamped. It makes a world of difference.

  2. Glad things seem to have settled, or you have found you path in handling them.
    Good to hear HB is doing well at school, always such a relief
    Good luck with the new car. Glad we have internet, it does help shorten the list of choices.

  3. My car is 11 years old this year. I love it. I get a sense of crazy satisfaction driving it completely til it’s DONE.

    Enjoy the tea-making 🙂 and the costume-making (that sounds like hell for me so I’m too delighted that you like it)

  4. Enjoy making the costume…sounds like fun.
    Good luck with the new car such a good idea to budget for it.
    Tea committee is a great way to meet the other parents.

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