Practicing Serenity

Thank you to everyone for the support and helpful suggestions on my last post.  It is great to get another perspective.  Sometimes one becomes so entrenched in a mindset, you forget other options exist.

Where am I now?

  1. Hubby and I do already take turns on the pick up and drop of.  It just so happens Hubby already works crazy hours so for him it is not any different.  He just does not see the need to worry about working extra hours.  For me, it is important to spend time with my family and there is no competition in my mind, family always comes first.  Hubby on the other hand, does not concern himself with such things.  I think he is better at letting go than I am.
  2. My work situation is not unique to me.  Everyone in this office has too much to do.  Perhaps a thank you would help more than a slap on the wrist when deadlines are not met.  It is not as if anyone is not trying.
  3. I have decided for the short term to just work late on the afternoons Hubby fetches Honeybear, but this cannot go on forever, the office has to make a plan.  We do not have enough staff at the moment, and while there are endless interviews, no match has been found.
  4. I have given up and let the traffic go.  I cannot control the traffic and I just have to make it work for me.  I will be late, however, other people are also sitting in this same traffic and living with it.  I know I am not likely to be fired for being late.
  5. I have promised to bake cupcakes for Honeybear’s class.  This will be it for now.  This will fulfill my need to be involved in school  There are Mom’s better suited to this than I am, and cupcakes is where I stop for now.  Oh, and I have the Mandela day squares to knit, but I love to do that kind of thing, so it makes me happy.
  6. Weekends are my time.  No work.  If I do work, it is in the in between times, and will not take up my family time.  If a file cannot be taken home, it is not going to happen.
  7. After having pulled out much of my hair, because there is no holiday care for the half term holiday, Honeybear’s teacher took pity on me and organised the teacher’s assistant to help me.  The teacher’s assistant will come to our house and babysit Honeybear.  This is such a  relief.  I was having visions of sticking HB under my table and locking him in my stationary cupboard when I am on site.

Generally I am practicing consciously letting go.  The serenity prayer they use in AA is brilliant.


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  1. Seems you are sorting things out. Life sometimes gets in the way of actually living, if you know what I mean.
    Gosh, that is so nice of the teachers assistant. I must say, I am so relieved that our aftercare has holiday care also. It seems silly not to have holiday care and most parents work and cannot afford to take 3 weeks off at a time. There are very few stay at home parents nowadays
    Big Hugs

  2. Awesome news on the teacher’s assistant babysitting! Firstly, it takes the pressure off you ‘cos you now have a plan and don’t have to weigh up HB vs work and of course, I assume getting leave from work is an issue due to the staff constraints etc., so now you don’t even have to go there 🙂 Secondly, how nice that it’s somebody that you can trust and that HB will be comfortable with. Very happy for you.

  3. Well done – good approach, and you are going to cultivate an awesome attitude. DOn’t beat yourself up for the days you don’t manage to be as serene – you’ve got this!

  4. I’m thrilled you have a childcare arrangement for the holidays! YAY!

    True about the traffic. We are all in the same boat. Our big boss is a Gautrainer and does not “get” when people are late for a 9 am meeting because of traffic. However, it is what it is.

    Keep saying (literally) to yourself…. it’s going to be okay, we’ll sort this out 🙂

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