School progress

Honeybear is doing better than expected at school.  No tears and he is loving it. I am so happy.

Work is its usual crazy busy, but maybe I am used to it by now.

Hubby and I have had some run-ins, but nothing that was not resolved at the same time.  I think part of it is me being too tired (pills sorted that one out) and him just thinking I was going to do something.  If you need help, you have to ask, he cannot read my mind.

We have also managed to get Honeybear back into his room.  He has moved back after the holidays, where he and I shared.  I love having him cuddle with me, but hubby also likes a cuddle and we just need our own adult space.  Moving him back into room, did mean a  few weeks of disturbed sleep for all of us.  Honeybear needed to be reassured every time he woke.

He is also at the age where he actually listens and remembers the bedtime reading.  I was taken by surprise.  I found him on Saturday with the Roald Dahl book.  I asked him what he was reading…he said he was looking for the story about the crocodile.

Hubby had been saying to me I should read more monotonous because the child must sleep, not be interested.  However, he loved the story so much, we have been reading the same one all week.

I love that he likes to look at books, even if he cannot read.

We attended the PTA meeting, hubby was a bit hesitant, because it was mostly Mom’s. Anyway, it was interesting to see.  Those PTA moms are serious about PTA. They are intimidating and it was very obvious that they are their own group and nominate each other for the same things, not that anyone else was complaining.  The rest of us just sat there and stared at them giggling at their own jokes.  It is great that they are willing to do so much for the school.  Organizing teas, and golf days and a million other little things.

I did meet a Mom of one of the boys in Honeybear’s class.  It was nice to chat to someone else and see ow they are handling this whole school thing.  Anyway, I will chip in where I can, but I am not committing myself.  They are well organised and seem quite happy with the doing.

Otherwise school is going well, and I am happy. 

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  1. That’s so good to hear 🙂 Great news! And about the husband thing…if you need help, you ask to ask, he can’t read your mind…same thing happens my side too. I get frustrated because the hubster isn’t helping out or I’m frazzled and he’s watching tv etc., then when I complain, he’s like, why didn’t you just ask if you needed help. I think our brains are just wired differently. We expect them to know and “smell” these things. They clearly can’t do this!!!

  2. So glad that HB is doing so well at school. I know you were worried about him.
    Liam isn’t really interested in books. He picks up one every so often. I’m hoping this will change when he learns how to read. Believe me, it’s not for a lack of trying on our side.
    LOL at the PTA Mums. I was advised to sit on my hands so that I don’t volunteer myself for anything. Sometimes it is okay to stand back and let someone take over.
    Good to hear everyone is happy.

  3. I actually believe one needs a negotiation about household duties yearly, or definitely when situations change, like child going to school, or starting new extra-murals, etc.

    YAY for getting your bedroom back!

    • Household duties…He and I are opposites on that one. He will do something if I point it out, but he cannot remember or think on his own…must be a block. I have a running list in my head of things that must be done. Or in my diary.

      • Last night I waited for the washing up to be done as Liam and I were on the trampoline………………………..I eventually did it myself as DH sat on his butt watching Masterchef. That kind of stuff makes me churn up inside

  4. Glad you all settling into the year – I am so impressed with Thandi’s school’s PTA – good mix of moms and dads, and lots of couples on it – we even volunteered! And lots of fun events planned!

    • We did do our bit by organising sponsorship for the golf day, but these are Mom’s who do serious organising. Nothing is too much, and they have kids to take of too!

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