First Day at School

No tears.  None at all. He was all smiles when we left and another Mom met us at the gate and said he was happily playing.  I was all smiles and I have been so happy that my baby is happy.

I woke early to make breakfast.  I made it clear to hubby that this is a first day of school thing, and I will not be making cooked family breakfast during the week.

I have pinned a host of make ahead cooked breakfasts and I think it is good idea for us to eat breakfast together some weekdays.

We normally never eat breakfast at home on weekdays because Honeybear used to get all meals at school.  Big school only does lunch and afternoon snack.

Honeybear happily ate and then Hubby dressed him.  We had to do the first day photoshoot and then we had to go play in massive crazy traffic.  There is exactly one road to the school and there are two schools on that road.  Hubby and I met at the school and walked to the classroom.

The principal was at the entrance to greet all families.  My baby surprised us and gave her a hug and showed off his bag.

We get to his class and he went running to hug his teacher and show off.  Hubby and I stood back while they put bags away and chose a picture for his hook and pigeon hole.  He hung up his hat and then came to say goodbye.

I was astounded! He then went off to go play.  I looked in at the window and then the other mom came to speak to us and tell us he is fine.

I think the thing that helped us all, was that we met the teacher the day before and had a little talk and info session.  HB knew where he was going and the morning was no surprise.  I think the evening before parents meeting is a great idea.

I fetched him and was told what a happy bubbly child I have and he such a pleasure.  maybe they say it to all the parents, but it was heart warming.

So that was a great first day at school and life is full of happy surprises, when you need it most. 


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  1. Awww, sounds like a wonderful start for HB. It sounds like the principal has put him at ease straight away.
    I’ve learnt that teachers “don’t say that about all the kids” They will tell you when there is a problem. We have to learn to put our trust in the teachers completely. I am struggling with this myself.
    Good luck, may HB have a very blessed 2016

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